Rumour: Tomb Raider could be worse than Superman 64 and genocide

Andy Astruc lampoons the gaming press' penchant for baseless rumours and massive leaps in logic. "This is only the tip of the conspiratorial iceberg. Tomb Raider has been resting unscrutinised for far too long, the developers laughing and clinking champagne glasses full of money. There’s a lot of nasty, insidious stuff going on; you can tell because there’s no news, and that’s the number one indicator of news. Trust me, I’m a journalist. Surely you’ve seen all this and more for yourselves? Speak out! I’m off to put red circles on screenshots."

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rawshack1977d ago

what ever lets just wait and see man

IAMERROR1976d ago

worse than Superman 64? Is that even possible?

Mounce1976d ago

You have to think about this 'Opinion piece' by the quality of the website...

What the fuck is

Nothing can be worse than Superman 64, they're just aiming for traffic from shock-introductions.

As such, I'm rating their website shitty, for one, I heard the same thing for the new Hitman because for the hardcore fans, he's out of character a lot....which was somewhat true but even then was a good game. Now for them to say WORSE THAN SUPERMAN 64, this Person and site just basically made an impossible assumption just for hits....Weeeeellll they can go fuck themselves :D The game am sure will be taken with open arms like Farcry 3 or similar in my opinion.....the only true way is to wait and find out but, by what's been shown? I can't see how it could disappoint.

Bimkoblerutso1976d ago

It's a satirical article. It's not meant to be taken literally.

blitz06231976d ago

How is this even a rumor. A rumor is about news, not opinions.

pixelsword1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Superman 64 was AWESOME!

If you thought it was bad, something was wrong with YOU, son.

C'mon, you tell me that this vid isn't AWESOME!?

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dc11976d ago

Its a very funny (very sarcastic) read.

Check it out!

Mariusmssj1976d ago

I don't have high expectations for the game any more but I think it will be decent

betan211977d ago

Worse then superman 64?? RIGHT
im still getting it.

AAACE51976d ago

Doubtful! They have moved in a different direction than in the past. We didnt hear a lot about hitman until it was about to release and it turned out well.

Pozzle1976d ago

Worse than genocide, I can understand. But worse than Superman 64? IMPOSSIBLE!

ddurand11977d ago

genocide is so funny.


ThichQuangDuck1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

The fact that the previewer compared it to Superman 64 and Genocide not having played it. Solely due to "lack of news" is an laughable attempt to get hits and to the top of n4g. Even as a rumor this should not be as high as it is


After reading this is all sarcasm and a joke article. I guess gaming needs an onion article every so often as well

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The story is too old to be commented.