PS Vita Firmware 2.05 Coming Soon, Improves System Software Stability

It appears PS Vita firmware 2.05 is inbound, according to an updated changelog on the official PlayStation firmware page.

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BullyMangler1918d ago

Nnice! Updates are very heart whelming . . But when will sony RE-DESIGN THE VITA? . . The Vita freakin sucks in the mitts . . . I held it the other day, and I DO NOT WANT TO play ANY GAME ON IT EVER! .. horrible design . . Just want to sLam it, maybe i can give it a few DENTS OF COMFORT. .. . It sure is purrty though

UltraVegito1918d ago

^lay off the drugs before posting

And i hope for some folders(rid of that 100 app/game limit) in this update.

BullyMangler1918d ago

Maybe thats why they made COMFORT GRIPS for the darn thing?

Genuine-User1918d ago

Your first sentence made me laugh.

Akuma-1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

its always funny to me hearing about a new sony firmware update because they always have hidden features in them that sony doesnt run around bragging about like other companies that would brag about silly features.

-Falaut-1918d ago

short bus wizardry right there.

MasterCornholio1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Strange i find it extremely comfortable to hold due to its super oval design. You must have hands that are compatible with the N64 controller then.

FlyingFoxy1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Have to agree the Vita is much more comfortable than 3DS as well, rounded sides and the control sticks don't slip away with your thumbs on them.

imXify1918d ago

I just wonder when they will finally update and release a video-out cable to record gameplay or play on teevee -__-

iamnsuperman1918d ago

Yer. I assume that mystery port is used for that people what else it is going to be for

tubers1918d ago

I really hope so! I ABHOR the VITA (OLED) screen.. I'm onto my 5th one.

At least Sony is being very nice to me and tries to fit my "wants".. waiting for my service box 3-5 days from now ;)

With a TV out I can finally play my VITA games with accurate colors, no vertical lines and more neutral whites!

imXify1918d ago

Proof or it didn't happen

r211918d ago

5th?! Bloody hell, what have you been doing to your vitas man?

DarkHeroZX1917d ago

Side I dropped mine off a 4 foot table onto a stone floor and the most damage that happened was a couple scratches on the side. Are you sure your aren't either lying or just splitting them in half with an ax?

GreenRanger1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

All I want is the ability to copy and paste text in the browser and to be able to set a homepage.

iamnsuperman1918d ago

That is a big one for me to. Copy and paste text is vital for any touch screen device. I have no idea why that didn't include it at launch.

doogiebear1918d ago

Meh, folders takes precedence. If u wanna use a browser, use your phone. Anyone with a Vita but no phone has their priorities totally out of whack.

GreenRanger1918d ago

I do use my phone, but I think that the Vita browser should at least have those basic features that I mentioned above.
They could add in folders and improve the browser at the same time, you know.

vanethe1918d ago

i want games and thats it

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The story is too old to be commented.