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GameInformer: "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a respectable experience, but it’s far from a Ghibli or Level-5 masterpiece."

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izumo_lee1884d ago

The reviewer is entitled to their opinions but this review is a total opposite of every other review i have read about this game.

First he is disappointed by the characters & story. This is a first cause sites like Destructoid & IGN rave about the story & characters saying they were charming & fit the story well.

Next he complains about the games 'old school' approach in terms of gameplay. Ummm maybe that is what a lot of gamers are looking for in a JRPG for the longest time. This guy probably does not remember the JRPGs of yester years where the games were tough like the original Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Go the wrong way & you will be killed by overpowered monsters. JRPGs are about grinding enough to tackle a harder area, it worked for past games so how come it is an issue now?

Not sure how long this reviewer has been playing JRPGs cause his negatives about the game are the basics of classic JRPGs which Ni no Kuni is trying to revive. A classic JRPG for the modern times, one we fans have been waiting for this entire gen.

Again he is entitled to his opinions but i strongly disagree with his thoughts about this game. In my opinion he is missing the point about this game & what makes it so special (in the words of Colin Moriarty of IGN).

LOGICWINS1884d ago

How is it the total opposite of other reviews? All of them have been positive, so is this one.

Nimblest-Assassin1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Im guessing if its not 9 or higher... its a negative review

The content is what matters... if you like the JRPGS of yester year, then go for Ni No Kuni, its essentially what all the reviewers have said about this game

LOGICWINS1884d ago

"Im guessing if its not 9 or higher... its a negative review"

People that think that way are just...sad. A game doesn't have to be a 9 to be recommended. Thats silly.

Ezz20131884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

i'm not saying that's not positive review
but when you see most the reviews for this game are 9+ - 10
and then out of no where this 7/10 come out
you must wonder
what went wrong with this review

LOGICWINS1884d ago

^^Nothing went "wrong". This is simply yet another case of one human being having a different opinion than another human being. Is there a law that all reviewers must think alike?

Although all reviewers review the same product, that doesn't guarantee that they will all have the same experiences with that product.

izumo_lee1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I know for the most part this review is positive but the points he makes feel to me like nitpicks that are way off from other reviewers views.

The 'lack of saves' in dungeons, the overpowered enemy encounters, the quick combat inputs, etc. are pretty norm for a lot of JRPGs especially classic titles which Ni no Kuni is akin to.

If the reviewer was not prepared for these 'issues' than he hasn't been playing JRPGs for very long.

Here we have a Japanese developer like Level-5 going back to the roots of JRPG development which i have read a lot of fans wanted to see this gen. However when a developer tries to harken back to the classics we have a reviewer question if it was the right choice.

quote "Unfortunately, the characters and old-school RPG mechanics don’t have the same charm"

Now where is the 'logic' here?

MmaFan-Qc1884d ago

after all, a review=a dude opinion

...wich isnt the ultimate virtue.

Outside_ofthe_Box1884d ago

Well 7/10 would be "positive" if the vast majority of reviewers had 5/10 as average which sadly isn't the case. Unfortunately most reviewers have 6 or 7 out of 10 as average, okay, mediocre, etc.

So those that are overachievers and only want to play top notch games will see 7/10 as negative. Those that like to settle for mediocrity or don't mind an okay game will see 7/10 as tolerable.

This is the sad reality we live in.

knifefight1884d ago

It's not the score, but the factual errors that kind of bother me. The review calls the battles "random" which they are not. Not only can you see the enemies, but after you reach their same level (happens somewhat quickly if you ask me), they run AWAY from you. Yet the review says they "constantly" rush toward the player. This is simply not true, and actually, the fact that monsters run away is brilliant design.

Furthermore, even if they are chasing you, within the first 8 or 10 hours of the game, you can get a special upgrade through sidequesting that makes Oliver run faster -- evasion therefore becomes even easier.

I get the impression that either A) The reviewer didn't play very far, or B) The reviewer had to rush rush rush through the game in order to pump out a review on time. Otherwise, these things would not have been mentioned. And yes, these things appear in this review, yet not others. Having played the game to completion, I can confirm that this review has some factual mistakes. Not everyone will love it, and that's fine. Varied opinions are welcome; but there are issues beyond that.

Hicken1884d ago

You read his comment, where he EXPLAINS how it's the total opposite of other reviews, then ask that very question AFTERWARD?

I honestly wish there were a way to take bubbles away for stupidity.

It's not about the score... though you could argue that point. Exceptional or even GOOD games don't get scored with a 7 these days. A game must be OKAY, AVERGAE, MEDIOCRE to get a 6 or 7 now.

With that in mind, note the scores given to this game by EVERY other publication out there. Literally EVERYONE ELSE agrees it's an above average game, but a reviewer who claims to be a big fan of the genre- and many old-school titles like Xenogears- docks points for the game being like the titles she's claims to love?

That makes as much sense as you do: NONE.

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LordHiggens1884d ago

Well it's good to see a reviewer who shares my sentiment on the characters and story...thought I was the only one.

Kennytaur1884d ago

Please refrain from using IGN as an example of what's right. Even if they got this games review seemingly right, they can't be fully trusted.

Ezz20131884d ago

why the hate IGN get here ??!!

i really don't know ..can you tell me ?!

Godchild10201884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

The reviewer is actually a women and her favorite Genre is RPGs."The RPG genre remains my favorite; I love sinking 25+ hours into a well-written RPG, and it's usually the stories that make or break games for me." Thats from her Bio from the site.

I agree, her score came off a bit odd to me, because I was expect 8 and above, across the board. But that doesn't mean the 7 is bad, just not the score that I expected from them.

The part where she complains about the random battles has me questioning, if she was rushing to complete the game. I have well over XX hours in the game and the stronger I got, the less random battles I got into in certain areas. Which makes it harder to level up in that area. The enemies tend to run away from you, if they see that you are stronger than them. How do they know that, I don't know. But I like it.

The one time I was mildly frustrated was with the Trials that you have to go through at a certain part of the game, but the trails have you thinking. I enjoyed them and would gladly do them again.

Julie1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

For me the game was too hard for her or she didn't grasp the combat system, she didn't even know that if u press square all your party members defend at the same time and triangle is an all out attack.

Anyways is her opinion, and while english is not my main languaje obviously, her review struck me as very uninformed and amateurish.

joab7771884d ago

That says it all. She loves sinking 25+ hrs into jrpgs. If i play a jrpg for 25-30 hrs its because i quit early on. I dont doubt she played 15 hrs for the review, missing out on everything that makes a jrpg so great. How much of a mention of post game material? The title is correct but my frustration lies with this review and not the game. If u r a fan of jrpgs, it is almkst a fact that u will love this game. Now, will an avid cod fan love this? No. But, damn, there are only a handful of games in the past couple years with the originality, the look, gameplay, story, difficulty, time and polish of this game. I would bet that most gamers who dont like jrpgs coukd play this game and hate it but recognize its quality and give it a better score than she did. Wtf?

Number-Nine1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

It was actually a woman reviewer.

Don't know who let her out of the kitchen though


DigitalAnalog1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I think the real issue right here is that the score is docked for ATTEMPTING to do exactly what the reviewer hates. You can't use the "opinion" excuse because it would be like giving Street Fighter a 4 out of 10 because if a pre-defined move set to perform certain attacks instead of streamlining all moves into 1 button makes it "inconvenient" to the average reviewer. By this logic all games can truly get average scores if the reviewer is unwilling to see it from a fair point of view.

The game INTENDED to have traditional JRPG elements in it and to contest it out because of your "opinion" then you are holding the game hostage without any hope of reparation despite the fact that the game mechanic is the core DNA of the genre itself.

Docking points should only be reserved for unpolished, game-breaking features like bugs, gameplay and such. Graphics, aesthetics, story and pacing on the other hand can be subjected to "opinion" and it should be the only excuse to use it. Docking points for a TPS when it intends to play like a TPS is total non-sequitur and it makes it only gives the false impression that the reviewer is simply stroking his/her ego in self-righteous indignity and not being legitimately critical .

joab7771884d ago

Cmon? There is a huge difference between a 9 and a 7. It isnt even so much the number as much as the games that GI has given above a 7 in comparison. I feel like the reviewer is jaded because of the easiness and streamlining of recent games. Everything this game does right is exactly the problem i have with other rpgs today. Yeah, its difficult. Yeah, u have to grind for difficulty spikes. And the story is different than most.

U can say that a 7 is fine because most of the review is positive but go look back at 2012's best games from GI and tell me how many got a 7. They will regret this and wish for a redo. They wont do it, but it will be funny next yr when its the only game lower than an 8 to appear at the top of many of their top 10's. Or when it receives a bunch of rewards or goty consideration, they will look follish with their score. I expect many other sites to give absurd scores for shock value buy GI is usually spot on and quite generous to games with originality and charm. I love game informer, always have, but this is crazy. And it bothers me because the review doesnt match the score. If it were another site, i wouldnt care, but they hold sway and many ppl look at their reviews and scores when making decisions. Hopefully, in this one instance, the gaming community can drown out their mistake.

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Son_Lee1884d ago

Game Informer is a frustration. Sorry you guys can't handle JRPGs anymore and only want action, shooters, and WRPGs. What a bunch of losers.

And I don't care if this is someone's opinion, something is off when you're literally the only review to give it this low of a score (low in context to the rest of them).

ddurand11884d ago

different games for different people.

I appreciate that people love games like this so much, but you couldnt pay me to play this game. its just what i look for in a game. If I didnt like the gameplay, itd be hard to connect with characters, story and environment.

Ill probably get flamed for that, but its how the world works and its what makes gaming and other things so great.

Son_Lee1884d ago

Well it makes me question if the reviewer even likes JRPGs in the first place. You couldn't pay me to review certain genres of games like sports or something like that.

ddurand11884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Right, thats exactly my point, thank you.

but if a reviewer was only into JRPGs wouldnt that be a biased review? Its a slippery slope.

Thast why I hate when people hold reviews in such high regard.

deep_fried_bum_cake1884d ago


Not to cause offence, but are you an idiot?

How would someone who was only into JRPGs make for a biased review?

They may love the genre but anyone that is only into JRPGs will have played enough of them to be able to tell whether something is a good or bad JRPG. They aren't going to say, "The combat system, story and characters are crap, but I love this game" and they would be able to spot where the game may be lacking in comparison to other JRPGs.

This would also be true for people who only other certain genres.

If someone doesn't like a genre, then they shouldn't be doing a review for it.

The best example in my mind would be anime games. Stuff like the Naruto Storm games (which are a solid 8 or 9/10 for fans of the series who play them) will get 5/10 from reviewers who while they can't fault the combat, will nitpick about the fact that they haven't watched the anime. And while they admit that the story is explained well, they come back to their lack of experience with the anime as a negative.

I mean, if someone doesn't like something, or has no interest in something then it should be given to someone else to review.

There will be more bias from someone who dislike a genre than there will be from someone who likes it.

(This may be a bit long)

ddurand11884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

"There will be more bias from someone who dislike a genre than there will be from someone who likes it"

So, it can happen both ways. Im a gamer, but not intersted in all game genres. But if I was PAID to do a review, I would because its my job.


joab7771884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I agree with you but thats why you have a jrpg fan review this. I am not telling my fps friends to go buy this. Though, it is quite ironic that most other reviews say that this game is so great and beautiful and charming that everyone should try it. They rarely say this about jrpgs because they are so different in gameplay etc. I am just amazed because this is just the kinda game the industry needs right now.

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Number-Nine1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Her favorite Genre is RPG's so it isn't like she totally geared towards action shooters. In her Bio Secret of Mana, Xenosaga, Suikoden, etc are some of her favorite games.

And so what if her review is different from the crowed. Does it really bother you that someone's opinion differs from the majority? I don't think this is a case of somebody trying to stand out.

I don't think something is "off"...just a different opinion. I think GI is one of the few sites where I actually respect their reviews...unlike IGN.

despair1884d ago

Reads more like he's sucked at the game therefore didn't like it.

1884d ago
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