Review: Persona 4 Golden (New Gamer Nation)

In 2008, Persona 4 was released to the masses on the Playstation 2 console. It was widely considered to be one of the finest RPGs around, and for good reason. The storytelling was gripping and engaging, the characters were interesting, and, most importantly, the gameplay was memorable. Now that this game has found its way to the Playstation Vita, Persona 4 is looking better than ever. Thankfully, this port keeps everything that made this game great and added a few elements that are sure to make you want to play the game over and over again.

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doogiebear1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I just beat this game at 3am this morning (about 127 hours put into it). It is the greatest JRPG made. Squaresoft is so screwed. Long live SMT Series.