Amazon Kicks Off All-Day Video Game Gold Box Event With Far Cry 3 As Deal of the Day

PSLS: Today only, is hosting an all-day video game Gold Box event featuring lighting deals on hot video game products. Every few hours a new deal goes live, and we’ve got the entire list, line-up and times below. But before you move on to check out what’s coming later today, Far Cry 3 is Amazon’s Deal of the Day at $34.99.

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alexcosborn1285d ago

Great games at great prices... Hard to argue with that.

TrendyGamers1285d ago

Awesome deal on Far Cry 3.

azshorty20031285d ago

Hitman @ 2pm est. Hope price is good. Been waiting forfor a sale

The_Devil_Hunter1285d ago

Its probably going to be 34.99. I hope it goes to 29.99 though.

azshorty20031285d ago

Just saw it's on for 28.99!

azshorty20031285d ago

Well is 29.99 on Amazon. And actually 27.99 on Newegg. But I had a $20 gift card on Amazon so I grabbed it there.

dbjj120881285d ago

Most Wanted is probably the best deal in there, though hitman absolution will be worth it too.

The_Devil_Hunter1285d ago

Just bought Far Cry 3. I have heard lots of great things about it. COuldnt pass it up.

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