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The great THQ bankruptcy auction

CVG:From Saints Row to Metro Last Light to uDraw - CVG examines assets for sale during today's sell-off. (Industry, THQ)

Jazz4108  +   534d ago
This is sad. I wish them best of luck.
NYC_Gamer  +   534d ago
It's THQ higher suits fault the company is a train wreck....The only ones i feel sad for are the hard working developers who work for that piece of garbage publisher....THQ was once one of the biggest publishers around until careless spending on junk licensed brand software....The other huge publishers better be paying close attention or they may be next on the chop block..
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BlackIceJoe  +   534d ago
All I really care about is who buys De Blob, Red Faction, Homeworld & Impossible Creatures. Because thos are great IPs and don't deserve to be forgotten.
Y_5150  +   534d ago
De blob is the only one I like out of all those games.
Reaper9937  +   534d ago
Sony should bid for the Darksiders IP as well as Vigil Games, then combine them with Santa Monica to create the next Darksiders.
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NYC_Gamer  +   534d ago
What about all the fans who bought the games on other platforms?Darksiders should remain 3rd party along with the other THQ franchises..
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palaeomerus  +   534d ago
Sony would just close them like it did Incognito(went on to become Lightbox, who quit console development to do iPhone stuff after Starhawk sold meh numbers) or Studio Liverpool (formerly Pysgnosis).
Lvl_up_gamer  +   534d ago
Sony doesn't have money to spend on IP's. They are still paying off their debt by selling assets.

IF anyone is in a position to buy IP's it's Activision, Valve, EA, R*, NIntendo and MS.

Sony can't even get a loan, let alone buy IP's.
Hicken  +   533d ago
So they don't have money to spend on an IP or two, but they keep making acquisitions like Gaikai?

I guess that makes sense.

StrongMan  +   533d ago
Oh the ignorance. If they don't have money to spend on IPs then what are the upcoming new IPs named The Last of US and Beyond: Two Souls then? How did they buy Gaikai if they have "no money"? Wow.
RuperttheBear  +   534d ago
THQ have published a lot of great games over the years, it is a shame to see them go.

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