Resident Evil: Revelations Announcment Trailer

Jill Valentine's gonna need a bigger boat - Resident Evil: Revelations is headed to 360, PS3, PC and WiiU.

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GreenRanger1706d ago

They should have kept Biohazard as the name for this series in the west.
Too late to change it now, though.

tigertron1706d ago

They can't because of copyright issues. There is a band that's apparently called 'Biohazard', hence Capcom went with 'Resident Evil'.

Skate-AK1705d ago

Oh wow I never knew that.

Shazz1706d ago

crazy why its not coming to vita

EddieNX 1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Definitely an ass move by Capcom. Maybe they're releasing a Vita version at a later date , or maybe Iwata took Capcom for one of his ''expensive meals''....

tehpees31706d ago

Something really weird about that. They ported to a system which they said wasn't getting late ports. I can understand why they would cancel the PSP game because that wasn't going anywhere but you would imagine they would know that their game could help pick up Vita.

The only thing I can think is something has happened between Sony and Capcom.

mi_titan271706d ago

ive seen quite a few games that are being released for every system including DS but NO VITA, wtf?

Moncole1706d ago

he Vita is not selling well and they cant risk losing money by porting this to it.

Tei7771705d ago

Capcom must be smarter than that. They know that there are a good 1m japanese vita owners who would snap this up in second. Also a port wouldn't cost the bank and this probably sell near the same level as the console version, with vita having a fairly empty q2 line-up, especially in the west. If Rayman Origins and persona 4 can all sell over 300k (not including digital sales) this could too.

pr0digyZA1706d ago

If I had to take a guess I would assume its a portable exclusive (timed? who knows), as it would not cost a lot to get it across, especially if they did it as digital only.

Good_Guy_Jamal1705d ago

Obviously a financial reason, one way or another. Either it would cost them too much with low returns and/or they'd rather wait a while longer until VITA has more units out there.

pr0digyZA1705d ago

strangers wrath was ported to vita by one person, and made its vita money back in less than a month. That is why I think its a handheld exclusive for a certain amount of time.

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LightofDarkness1706d ago

Looks better than RE 6, I guess. Might give it a whirl.

mcstorm1705d ago

I got this for the 3ds and it was an amazing game imo the best res game since 4. Defo worth picking up if you don't have a 3ds.

XXXL1706d ago

its a long shot but maybe once this game outsells that POS resi 6 then capcom will come to their senses and give us the type of game we want with part 7. But i doubt it

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The story is too old to be commented.