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Will Sony’s Xperia Z Design Language Make Its Way to PS4? One Can Only Hope

Joel Taveras writes, "They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do it. I especially do it when buying new toys — taking factors such as design into question whenever I purchase any of my own gadgets, only making concessions when purchasing video game hardware. That’s because, with video game consoles, sure, you’ll eventually get your special editions and color variants later on after launch, but for the most part — especially at first — it’s a take what you can get situation. While I don’t mind showing off gems in my game collection, the hardware itself is usually tucked away since it’s not much to write home about considering that console hardware designs usually suck. But, perhaps Sony can change that this year." (Industry, Next-Gen, Sony)

SandWitch  +   991d ago
I'm loving Xperia designs for a few years already. Seriously, Sony have one of the best designers in the smartphones market, not to mention the most creative.
JoelT  +   991d ago
All i can say is "DAT Xperia Z". Just wow.

Seriously though, if Sony continues on a design roll, Im hoping they can take that momentum and make sure that the PS4 hardware brings the "sexy" to console hardware.
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majiebeast  +   991d ago
I agree dat Xperia Z its so sexy its waterproof.
jujubee88  +   991d ago
Meme time. :D

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Grlpants  +   991d ago
I totally agree! The design is slick and sexy and you can't argue with an unlocked phone. :D
Knight_Crawler  +   991d ago
If its going to make the PS4 cost more on launch day then please do no add this feature - if its not needed for gaming then do not add it.
Da tablet!

"10.1-inch 1,920 x 1,200 screen "

I expect ps4 to be water proof and the screen controller to be oled.
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ABizzel1  +   991d ago
Sony products are almost always great, they just price themselves out of the competition.

Unfortunately if you're not the company to go to (Currently Apple, but Samsung is nibbling away at that) you can't charge premium prices and expect people to buy your items.

If we were still in the 90's - early 2000's then yes, but times have changed, and Sony needs to re-focus their business on innovating new technologies for the future so they can reclaim their "premium appeal" and "mass appeal" across the board.

The Z series both look great, and are top notch phones, but their sepcs. are great for mobile devices that came out in 2012. It'll be 2013, and Samsung and Apple (their greatest competition) will be realeasing new devices as well that will surpass The Z series, and people will stick to their iPhone 5s / 6, and Galaxy 4s.

Sony doesn't need a "we can do it too". They need a "this is how it's going to be from now on." On top of that they need to continue to support the low-end and free phone market out there, because they're one of the better players in that market. If they can get a cutting edge smart-phone out that the moves mobile forward, and improve their lower-end market then they will have their chance to be back in the spotlight of mobile. But until then they're going to be in the same position.
shikamaroooo  +   991d ago
Samsung's has had the the leading market share for a while now.
ABizzel1  +   990d ago
Yes, but Apple has the mass appeal.
miyamoto  +   991d ago
I own Galaxy S2 and S3
but finally great phone and tablet designs from Sony for Android.

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TOGC  +   991d ago
It is a nice concept. Would be interesting to see what Sony comes up with.
dark-hollow  +   991d ago
Sony is the only company that can go head to head with apple designs. I used to own the xperia arc and it was a beautiful piece of art!
kneon  +   991d ago
Well Jobs did ask his team to design the iphone as if Sony designed it. They even made drawings with the Sony logo on it.

But I don't care what the PS4 looks like. I'd rather have it as a plain black generic piece of stackable AV gear. But that won't happen as most people care far too much what something looks like rather than how well it works.
izumo_lee  +   991d ago
From what i have seen on youtube on the Xperia Z & the tablet counterpart, Sony has some potential with these products. I'm looking to upgrade my phone & when the Xperia Z is released it will be the phone of choice for me personally.

I believe the OS for the new PS4 will be probably similar to this or a more revamped version of the Vita, if the rumors of a screen on the controller are true.
BanBrother  +   991d ago
The new Xperia 2 Tablet is amazing. Thinking of getting rid of my Xoom 2. As far as the phone is concerned, it looks great but I'll wait to see some more of it.

The tablet is amazing though, has 2gb of RAM and is the thinnest tablet in the world atm. Pretty powerful thing if you check the specs out. Hopefully they have some cool apps designed around the PS4.

(My phone is pretty fried atm, broken digitizer. Seriously looking around, so might start here).
JBSleek  +   991d ago
One can't possibly keep that sleek looking design of the Xperia Z or ZL when you have to worry about heat and packing in a CPU a GPU and a blu ray drive. I wish.
JoelT  +   991d ago
Im thinking more about the materials used. Straight lines. Combination of metal and glass. Something that's easy on the eyes. You know what I mean?
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   991d ago
It seems like Sony are on a steady rise again. Desirable high end smartphones and tablets that can actually compete with the big players.
Sony HDTVs in 4k and OLED screens in partnership with Panasonic, going toe to toe with LG and Samsung.
And finally the gaming division. Im expecting some thing special with the PS4 and the future of Vita. Backed up with some of the best developers owned by Sony. Throw in Sony music and movie industry and a leaner company and Kaz may yet see Sony back to their best.
JBSleek  +   991d ago
Sony phones won't compete with top end phones simply because lack of penetration. The big brands hit every carrier even smaller ones while when Sony hits the US it gets some exclusive deal which cuts its user base into fractions.
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Riderz1337  +   991d ago
That's a sexy ass phone.

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