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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Yes! SMart move cappy!

Kalowest2072d ago

For some reason I still want to buy this for 3DS, it's only $20 now.

Akuma-2072d ago

nice to see the wii u actually getting games that are good on the horizon.

i cant wait for the ps4

Irishguy952072d ago

Get good controls on the Consoles/PC though

AsimLeonheart2072d ago

Great news! I look forward to playing this proper survival horror game. It looks like CAPCOM is testing the waters with this game if they should be returning to the roots for RE7.

Reibooi2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

sweet. I'll be keeping my eye on the PC version and if they give it the proper attention I'll pick it up. I thought the 3DS version was pretty good and was only lacking in a good surround sound experience(a nice set up can always add to a survival horror game) so it will be nice to give it another shot.

Old McGroin2072d ago

@ AsimLeonheart

My thoughts exactly. Didn't buy Resident Evil 6 because of the deserved negativity (I know it's deserved because I borrowed it off my brother) but this looks interesting. I hope it sells well and Capcom bring it back to it's roots for the next game. I'd love a proper reboot of the Resident Evil series, keep the same background story but introduce all new characters with their own stories in a real survival horror game.

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Mounce2072d ago

I'd of honestly liked if it were going on PS Vita too :( It'd give another game for its library to boast and like, the transition from Handheld to Handheld wouldn't be that harsh...

The only problem I will foresee is that they do a real shitty porting job from 3DS to the consoles and it ends up a mess like the RE4 HD Remake port attempt where modders from Years ago had done a better job than Capcom themselves.

Murad2072d ago

Actually, I feel the exact same way. The game doesn't seem like it's fit for consoles, you know? Specially the 3D effects and everything added was specifically built for the 3DS. I wonder how this is going to turn out.

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dark-hollow2072d ago

Yeah defiantly. IMHO for anyone who hasn't tried revelations yet, I say its true to RE roots and much better in that way than RE 5 or 6. Its going to be amazing in HD!!!

EddieNX 2072d ago

Excellent news for Wiiu owners and passionate 360 and ps3 only players who missed out on this fantastic 3DS game.

Hopefully they have put in a years worth of new textures , lighting , etc etc , because allthough this is a cutting edge handheld game it still falls way short of HD console/PC standards....

This game has a slightly stupid story , but I kinda like that. Its the spiritual sequel to Resi 4 and play just like that game.

I would honestly give the 3DS version a 9.5/10 . It's not often you get a handheld game that stands out like that Resi Rev , and the game has a 20 hour story and excellent online modes that with the right graphical improvements will make a seamless transition to consoles.

I will have my 3DS version for on the go Raid mode , and the wiiu version for an even more graphically intense version ! :)

Venox20082072d ago

you are right mate, its really much better and all versions should be great, I personally love 3DS version.. therefore its more survival horror than emm.. new RE titles :)

miyamoto2072d ago

Graphics alone tells me 3DS is many times better than my PS3's RE: Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles port!

I choose my Capcom game purchase wisely.

I support their Japanese side. The westernized crap I don't.

Definitely a must buy on PSN to complete my RE collection

Kurt Russell2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Great news. Cheers for explaining... I saw the title and thought "so errrm... is this meant to be a good resi or something?" You clarified :D

I don't do hand helds... so don't follow what's on them.

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DigitalAnalog2072d ago

Considering it was originally a "handheld" title. I was expecting it to at least make it to the Vita. Although it seems CAPCOM is clearly steering away from the device as proven with the MH track record.

Eyeco2072d ago

I'm amazed that its not on the Vita as well,it makes no sense as to why its not comming to that platform, its a good thing you mentioned MH because it also reminded me of Resident Evil PSP, remember that game what happened to it ?

adorie2072d ago

Cashing in on a 3DS title? there better be either a significant overhaul or the price better be 20 bucks across all platforms,because this seems stupid.

XBL/PSN release would be the best way to go, I guess Also, will this mean the 3DS version will get a price hike because of this too?

fatstarr2072d ago

Milk Milk milk

*cough* Nintendo saves capcoms ass again
First Re4
then revelations; it better than re6 and the other game they released.

hopefully now the 3DS will get some credit in terms of graphics and capabilities.

miyamoto2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I loved the Old Capcom. They had great power and great responsibility back in the days. So did Konami. They wanted an even playing field. No bias.

The Old Capcom & Nintendo partnerships were made to prevent Sony PlayStation's 2nd over domination and monopoly of the games industry with the PS2.

I did not know why they ported RE4 and the Capcom 5 games to PS2 but history tells us the exclusivity partnership did not work out as they planned.
Same thing happened with Konami.

Now they are trying it again with MonHun series.

PirateThom2072d ago

Wait... what?

So, Capcom having to port a 3DS game to other platforms in Nintendo saving Capcom?


fatstarr2072d ago


RE4, the RE series was stale in gen 7 and capcom did a test reboot with RE4 and put it on the gamecube, because if it flopped it could be swept under the carpet.

RE4 Engine became the base engine for almost all of the RE games since, RE5, RE6 , OPRC.

SegataShanshiro2072d ago

LOL at the guys in the post saying "typical RE stuff" the typical for RE games are now steriod filled gorillas punching giant ricks....and no split screen = no buy....probable gonna wait for the Super Hd -remix championship -director's cut- dual shock edition survivor- goldsileverplatinum -heroes never die-"sorry we cancelled megaman legends 3" edition

showtimefolks2072d ago

RE6 is a mess so hopefully this makes up for what we went through with RE6, i also hope this sells well so capcom finally realizes that RE as a horror series can exist.

maybe that's what they need one RE series which is developed to be for action adventure fans and another original RE team working on their vision for what Re series should actually be

i don't think we will ever SEE another RE game like RE1-2 but something along the lines of 4-5 is what we will get most of the times

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Sevir2072d ago

:-) I wonder is this just hi rezzed or redone on the MT Framework 3.

NYC_Gamer2072d ago

Why isn't Resident Evil Revelations coming to PSV?

tehpees32072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Probably because Capcom hate Vita?

I thought it was obvious. They won't give the key franchise that put PSP on the map (in Japan) for three years so they (very sadly) wouldn't waste their time here.

smashman982072d ago

Except capcom threw mvc 3 and sfxt on there but yea we all forgot about those just because

rainslacker2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )


2 fighting games against their entire library of IP's is hardly what I'd call support.

Maybe they're making games for it, but just haven't been announced yet. I'm sure they won't ignore the device over the long term.

smashman982072d ago

@ rain slacker

People tend to forget vita is only a little over a year old in Japan
2 games in one year is support. Plus its up to Sony to actively seek support and give companies a reason to support as of right now the payout for supporting the vita isn't that great

rainslacker2071d ago


Your right on your 2nd point, however both those games were quick ports. Both came out right around launch time. After a year there should be at least some rumors about new games they may be bringing for it.

Like I said, 2 games isn't support, it's quick cash-in on new buyers that have less to choose from on a new system. Not really that much different than some of the Wii U's launch line up.

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vikingland12072d ago

Yeah,whats that about? It would be a must buy for me.

trickman8882072d ago Show
NovusTerminus2072d ago

Good question... This makes no sense!

fatstarr2072d ago

why waste money,
its a 3DS exclusive and its exclusive to the 3DS on the handheld front

the vita is so powerful it should have its own re spin off game not a port from its "inferior competition"

Neonridr2071d ago

the "inferior competition" that is outselling it like 20:1 you mean?

2072d ago
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pecorre2072d ago

$50 ??? I'll wait for a price drop (I already own it on the 3DS anyway...).

dgonza402072d ago

Yeah, it's too steep for me right now. If it would've launched at $40 or $30 I would've considered it a bit more

Plagasx2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

And here I was so pissed that I sold my 3DS without finishing REvelations.

and coming to PC as well? HELL YES!