Resident Evil Revelations hits Wii U in May! Exclusive Content In Next Issue Of ONM

The next issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine features a huge blowout on the amazing new Wii U remake of Resident Evil Revelations which is set for release in the UK on 24 May.

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zerocrossing1701d ago

Im glad to see the Wii U getting some decent 3rd party support, but I wish there was more than just ports getting announced...

1upgamer991701d ago

I don't do handhelds, as I Have a smartphone. So I have not played this. Also the upgraded HD. Nice, Can't wait to see what they will do with the gamepad, as Capcom knows Wii U and what the gamepad can do.

NewMonday1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

also coming for the 360/PS3/PC, it was well received by core RE fans so it can be soap to wash away the RE6 experience.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

They failed to mention it's multi platform.

RuperttheBear1701d ago

Why would they need to when it's Official Nintendo Magazine?

metroid321701d ago

I don't see any Vita games making it to HD consoles very impressive for the 3ds.

zerocrossing1701d ago

Why would they? There is usually no need to port a handheld game to a console unless it's been a critical success like MGS PW.

This news is of interest because it shows Nintendo isn't being left out by 3rd party devs, for now at least.

MasterCornholio1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Now i dont have to buy a 3DS to play this game. Im very happy that its coming to the PS3.


Do yourself a favor and buy the circle pad accessory.

1upgamer991701d ago

VERY COOL, I was afraid they would port that turd RE6 to Wii U. This is great news!!!!!!

tehpees31701d ago

I was expecting RE6. Thank god Capcom aren't wasting their time for once.

dirigiblebill1701d ago

Whee, new Wii U games. Keep 'em coming.

iwin861701d ago

You should look up the meaning of "NEW". It has new content but it's not a new game.

dirigiblebill1701d ago

New for the Wii U, dear. No need to get your snark out.

1upgamer991701d ago

It is new to me, I don't have a 3DS, as I don't really do handhelds....

Trago13371701d ago

This and Kid icarus were the only big games i didn't play on the 3DS, so i'll likely pick this up

Jovahkiin1701d ago

Sweet. Best Resident Evil.

Jovahkiin1701d ago

1,2 and 3 have aged. Revelations is a much fresher experience and it has a co-op mode.

Resident evil 4 is a great game in its own right but it lacks the movement, multiplayer and fluidity of revelations.

I'm sorry so many people disagreed with my opinion but I really feel revelations is a great game.

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