Why PC Gaming Is Superior To Console Gaming

"With the anticipated arrival of more next-generation consoles in either 2013 or 2014, much hype has been heaped onto these consoles and questions of who will bring the more powerful console or the better performance for price has been thrown around on many websites" |

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Fixay1917d ago

These aticles are everywhere! I still find them interesting though

dark-hollow1917d ago

Both have their cons and pros.

PCs are obviously much more powerful, have almost unlimited backward capabilities, and MODS!

but consoles also are no slouch either.
Exclusive games and more convenient (no don't even try to say that PC gaming is easier for the average Joe than consoles. Its not rocket science, but still consoles are more accessible)

PCgamer4ever1917d ago

PC gaming,also have exclusives.

Temporary1917d ago

Only problem is the good devs go where the money is. PC has the POTENTIAL to make amazing games, but no one really cares to do it.

You have some gems here and there throughout the year, but the Consoles have all the best games hands down...and there's really no denying that the developers support consoles more so than PCs.

thehitman1917d ago

I believe consoles have the largest variety of exclusive games and the best games at their genre's compared to PC gaming. I use my PC mostly for just MMOs and and RTS games thats PC gaming strongest asset atm. Everything else consoles do better at.

The whole PC has better graphcis is completely overblown when judging the two considering like 80% of PC gamers game in settings equal to console or in worse settings.

In the end its to each their own.

Blues Cowboy1917d ago

@dark-hollow: Totally agreed, balance is the key. I have both a dedicated gaming PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and use them on a fairly equal footing. PC has some fantastic indie games, brilliant MMOs and graphical powerhouses, whereas I can sit down in front of a console after a long day and play some killer exclusives without having to faff about with drivers and settings.

Perjoss1917d ago

@ thehitman

Sorry man but everything you said is just kind of wrong. Some games you cannot even begin to compare the PC versions to the console versions, stuff like Skyrim, GTA4 and Arkham City are way superior in terms of view distance and texture quality.

And no platform in history has ever had as many exclusives as the PC.

HeavenlySnipes1917d ago

What are ten noteworthy PC exclusives from the past 3 years?

There are a lot, but thats only because you're counting those small average games that have dev teams to small to port to consoles.

Believe me, I actualy started PC gaming 4 moths ago and other than the Witcher and those MMO FPS/RPG games, there isn't much for an offline PC gamer other than upgraded versions of games already on the consoles like Skyrim and The Witcher 2

aquamala1917d ago

definitely pros and cons on both. but once you've seen games like Far Cry 3, Arkham City, BF3, etc on PC why would you play these games on consoles. But once next gen consoles come out console games will look more like games on mid-range gaming PCs today.

The main downside of console gaming for me is when you "upgrade" to a new console, it's probably not even backward compatible, even if it is it won't improve the visuals on the library of games you already have. when I upgrade my PC, all my games will look better, unless they're already maxed out.

Dasteru1917d ago


The Witcher 2
Diablo 3
Starcraft II
Arma III
Blacklight: Retribution
Dota II
Path of Exile
Planetside 2
Tribes Ascend
Torchlight II
Grim Dawn
Dead State
Warhammer: 40k
World of Darkness
The secret World
Hard Reset
End of Nations
Natural Selection
Project C.A.R.S
Iron Front
War of the Roses
Primal Carnage
Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Might and Magic: Heroes VI
Tropico 4

I could go on and on.

Most are current, some are upcoming, All are exclusive.

The PC gets over 100+ Exclusives each year not icluding indies. Just because console gamers don't pay attention to them, doesn't mean they aren't there.

MysticStrummer1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

@dasteru - Look at that list and ask yourself how many of those games will ever be known, much less played, by the average gamer. I've never heard of about 3/4 of your list. There's a reason for that. Of course PCs have exclusives. The question, just like with any platform, is how many people want to play those games. You could go on and on, but your list will only get more obscure.

thehitman1916d ago

@ dastsu that list is kinda meh there isnt a game on there thats been critically acclaimed by any major publication. I could easily double your list from console exclusives and each game will have major accolades and well known as best of its genre. Its just a fact that the best developers are developing games for consoles and not on PC. I am a PC gamer so I know what im talking about I have both a ps3/PC and I can say hands down the quality of PS3 games outweigh my PC games but I wouldnt trade my gaming PC for anything because there are still gems there that cant be played on my PS3. Has nothing to do with power and gfx just quality of games which is all that matters to a real gamer.

Dasteru1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

@Mystic & Hitman:

Alot of the games on that list have been very highly regarded and well reviewed, and most of them are well known by true PC gamers.

Just because you (console gamer) haven't heard of them, doesn't mean they aren't there.

Dead State
Natural Selection
Iron Front

Those are about the only games on the list that i would consider "obscure"

The rest are very well known among 90% of PC gamers.

P.S Critcal acclaim implies high regard among an entire industry, a game nor anything else can be critically acclaimed by a single publication.

The reason MOST of these games haven't recieved critical acclaim (Several of them have) is because 95% of current gaming review sites and publication are heavily console bias and have not reviewed most of these games to begin with.

Dasteru1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Scrap The Witcher 2 from my list, didn't notice it had been ported to the 360 now.

There are currently 35 announced (Non indie) games for 2013 and the year has just started.

Currently the 360 only has just over 150 exclusives total for the 7 years it has been out.

The PS3 has around 110 after 6 years.

The PC gets on average between 100-120 exclusives every year.

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ATi_Elite1917d ago

This article has been DONE to DEATH! Whatever system has the games you enjoy then that's for you.

Also unless you got a Gaming PC and know what LOL, ISK, FTL, MOBA, and Chronoscrolls are then DO NOT act like your some PC aficionado cause your not.

It's annoying listening to NON PC Gamers talk about PC Gaming when they have NO clue what they are talking about.

Example: oh PC doesn't get that many AAA Games like consoles do.

and just what AAA games would those be, Skyrim, Assassins Creed 3, FarCry3, Dishonored cause the PC got all of those.

Example 2: Oh PC doesn't get many exclusives.

You mean like DayZ, Guild Wars 2, Tera Online, Shootmania, Starcraft2, Diablo 3, DotA2, Smite, Hawken, Planetside 2, Tribes Ascend, Blade & Soul, etc. etc.. PC gets like 5 Exclusives a month.

Also now that the russian PS3 Emulator is coming along there isn't any Game an Enthusiast PC Gamer is missing out on.

People are PC Gamers cause the PC provides something Sony/MS will never provide and that's:

. Complete control over your customized Gaming expereince

. first crack at new genre's of games

. Games influenced by Gamers

. Bleeding edge technology

PC vs. Console is like comparing Apples to Oranges, they are two different things.

doogiebear1917d ago

Just flamebait. No need to give it hits. Move along.

Ezz20131917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

too late,:(

i just can't have pc and miss out what ps3 offer with it exclusives
that's why i own ps3/xbox360 along with my gaming pc
i use pc and ps3 all the time

MikeMyers1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Why is it flamebait when PC gaming can be superior? Most games on any console is made up of multiplat games and we all know the PC is capable of running those games smoother and in a higher resolution. You also have games that allow more players in online matches. The PC also holds the largest library of games available to play.

Of course not everything is preferable otherwise everyone would be playing games on it instead. Consoles have their own exclusives, ease of use, unified services like a reward system, better marketing and, cheaper and so on. However the PC is by far the most flexible and powerful system that can be upgraded at any time.

People use to marvel about how game consoles got hard drives and could play with other people online and be a media player that can play DVD's and bluray. The PC can do all of that too. It also supports various controllers and keyboard and a mouse. You're not tied to one brand either.

The thing is both can and will co-exist. There is no need to be threatened by the PC. They each serve various needs. Just like handheld systems cater to gamers as well.

Kyosuke_Sanada1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

And you know what's better than both with no slowdowns, seamless gameplay, over 300 frames per second and both accessible to both casual and hardcore?


MestreRothN4G1917d ago

Red Dead Redemption? The Last of Us? GTA V?

Norrison1916d ago

RTS games? MMOs? 60+fps at 1080p+ resolution? Mods? Backwards compatibility? GTA V is in development for PC you know.

MestreRothN4G1916d ago


Such wonderful games, right?


ColinZeal1917d ago

I played Far Cry 3 on my PC this weekend. Suddenly the triggers on my 360 controller stopped working. Only the triggers.


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