Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear - New Military Shooter For PC, X360 and PS3 Gets A Release Date

DSOGaming writes: "Mastiff announced today that Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, will be available for PS3, X360 and PC on January 29th. "

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Ezz20131887d ago

i saw new ip ...*@[email protected]*
i saw another Military Shooter ....*-_-*

Yodagamer1886d ago

This isn't a new ip, it was on wii and 3ds, Maybe ps3 if i remember right, but as Vladplaya said they are pretty bare boned rail shooters

Vladplaya1886d ago

Watched the trailer, it looks like player is moving on rails, and just controlling the crosshair to shoot stuff... Which is just wrong. Either way, another garbage shooter game.