Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP full Speed on Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP full Speed on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 hooked to 27" monitor
This is a pre 0.6 build of PPSSPP with JIT Dynarec on & it's running full speed on the Kindle Fire HD when playing Dragon Ball Evolution & maybe some more games but this is the only one tested & running at full speed so far.

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contradictory1976d ago

Dragon Ball evolution...
really? out of every psp game you can play Dragon Ball evolution???

that's like making emulator of SNES and only playing Shaq Fu...

Cloudberry1975d ago

Lol. XD

Could at least game like God of War games on PSP that show PSP's graphical prowess.

contradictory1975d ago

yeah, or Peace Walker.
or Crisis Core

MasFlowKiller1975d ago

I hope they get this running on the Ouya,
I want my Ouya to be Emulator Heaven.

Please Please please, get this on the ouya as soon as possible

Chrono1974d ago

I think the emulator doesn't support many games yet, this is one of the few games that work at the moment.

ElectricKaibutsu1975d ago

I'd rather just play on PSP.

MakiManPR1975d ago

I rather buy a NVIDIA's Project SHIELD than a PSP

Bodachi1974d ago

So would I, but I don't have a solid gold house and a rocket car. So I can't afford it.

KrimsonKody1974d ago

Why could'nt they have showed Barbie's Dream Horse or something?
Nobody plays Dragonballs.


tachy0n1974d ago

rather play those games on the PSVita because the system upscales them :)

psp2roundup1973d ago

I hope that's a legitImate copy of Dragonball he's playing... ooops!