What is a Softcore Gamer?

In the media there are two distinct lines, the Hardcore gamer and the casual gamer, but nothing in-between. There is a huge demographic that fits this new title but nothing is done about helping out the softcore.

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tdogchristy901948d ago

Nice article,

This is me to a tee. I am a core gamer, I own both major systems and pick up every major release, so it's definitely more than a "casual" thing for me. Still, as I've grown older, looking towards grad school and dealing with work, I don't play like I used to. In highschool I used to be considered "hardcore" but I don't have the time anymore. Now my games are a "down time" kind of event to recharge my batteries from life. I still love gaming, I'm just at a different point in life than I was. So yes I'd say I agree with the article. Nice read.