New Nintendo Direct set for tomorrow, Wii U game announcements incoming

A new, dedicated Wii U Nintendo Direct is imminent. Satoru Iwata will be hosting a presentation tomorrow to announce new games for the platform.

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Jadedz1975d ago

Bring da goods (filled up quite a bit on ''doom,'' lately)!

iamnsuperman1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Hopefully, if it is anything like the Pokemon video it will be an entire video dedicated to history with the reveal at the end. I really do not like the way they do these videos. Just reveal the product and leave it there. I am interested what they are going to announce. I am not expecting anything too big (I assume they will save that for E3/E3 build up)

AWBrawler1975d ago

IDK X and Y was huuuuuge.

exfatal1975d ago

ahh some good news, mught suck that nintendo is so tight lipped when it comes to new software. but at least they have nintendo direct to give us a heads up.

shackdaddy1975d ago

I love how they're so tight lipped. Gives you a nice surprise and an extreme amount of hype when they finally get around to announcing something.

I wish more companies were secretive.

ElectricKaibutsu1975d ago

I hope they're not just announcing release dates for the launch window games.

tehpees31975d ago

I'm guessing Revelations. Oh wait Capcom blew that secret already. Maybe the Square Enix game or Splinter Cell could get announced.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I think wiiU gamers would like enhanced version of Deus Ex?

Chrono1975d ago

Hopefully not more shovelware.

LOL_WUT1975d ago

Agreed, thats why my hopes are relatively low. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.