THQ: what happens next?

GS:On January 22 at 14:00 Eastern Time, THQ's assets will be going to auction in a move that will result in the publisher's intellectual properties either being sold individually to the highest bidders, or the entire company going to Clearlake Capital Group for a reported $60 million. The move will herald the final chapter of THQ's slow and public demise, but the outcome will mark one of the most significant signs of just how much the games industry has shifted during the current hardware generation.

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NYC_Gamer1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

THQ just didn't pay attention to the warning signs and kept spending funds on junk

FarCryLover1821784d ago

uDraw, I am looking at you!!

Prcko1784d ago

i am still confused how can thq large gaming company go broke

NYC_Gamer1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

THQ = been in trouble for years....It's because they have bought so much licensed brand software and didn't make any return profit...THQ never had high profile titles to lean back on like EA & Activision.

wheresmymonkey1784d ago

It mostly boils down to a few terrible business decisions. That U draw pad thing they made a couple years back that nobody bought cost tons to create and manufacture,

Then several high profile games didn't make their money back.

thats basically it.

Mac is OK1784d ago

Only 3:30 hs to go.
Will the auction be behind closed doors? Does anyone know if there's a live blog we can follow?

TheGameHuntah1784d ago

Too many junk games at the end.....
Sad news indeed! I'm a big Company of Heroes fan, now the future is not clear for franchises like that one.

EddieNX 1784d ago

Darksiders and Dawn of War are the ones I'm concerned about.... So god help me if Activision buys one of them.. We will have a dawn of war portal of power and have to place real warhammer figures on the portal to get them in the game...

FarCryLover1821784d ago

My gut is telling me that EA will go after Homefront.

pecorre1784d ago

No one will go after Homefront.

It is probably one of the less interesting IP THQ own.

Rivitur1784d ago

EA will get it Cyrtek already has ties with them and the fact that their making the second one increase its value significantly.

Parasyte1784d ago

You are probably right. Personally, I think if Homefront had had a better written and more interesting story along with more fine tuning to the gameplay and multiplayer, the game could have been really good.

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