Dead or Alive 5 DLC Round 8 Screenshots

Along with the announcement of a whole host of new features coming to Dead or Alive 5 this week, Tecmo Koei Europe has today revealed the full contents of the eighth series of downloadable content (DLC) packs. Of course, Electronic Theatre has all the latest images for you.

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1916d ago
LackTrue4K1916d ago

Bigger cup size, to make up lack of gameplay...

StraightPath1916d ago

you know what at this rate why dont they release doa xtreme 3? if they are determined to rip off perverts with these swimsuit dlcs.

2pacalypsenow1916d ago

funny how people call other perverts for liking boobs and such . I dare you to look away if a woman that looks like the girl in the game stand in front of you naked i double dare you (Chris tucker voice)

profgerbik1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

@ onyoursistersback & StraightPath

Seriously chill out, this game has no lack of gameplay what the hell are you talking about? It is it's own fighting game which isn't an easy task to do with so many now these days.

There aren't any fighting games that have gameplay exactly like DOA's.

I get that these outfits and character models offend you silly kids.. Look at the world around you though.. this is what you want to complain about? Seriously get a grip.

DOA is one of my favorite fighting games and it has nothing do with character models or the skimpy outfits has to do with the gameplay mechanics.

Also you say "determined to rip off perverts"? If they were real perverts I don't think they would feel ripped off by spending money on anything like this.

That is like saying the Porn Industry is ripping off perverts. I am pretty sure they don't care that is why they are called "perverts" in the first place.

Sadly I suppose to some there are people in the world like me who can look at a beautiful woman even naked without thinking perverted thoughts of any kind. Just like all those outfits really don't scream sex to me but I guess they do to others.

I guess I classify as the lonely few.

Mocat1916d ago

can't wait untill tekken releases dlc oh wait, it's already in the game FOR FREE

DivineAssault 1916d ago

Ditch the tee shirts.. Side, upper, & bottom boobies must be seen.. Just to see how far physics has has come over the years ;)