Dead or Alive 5 to Receive New DLC, Stage & Patch

Tecmo Koei Europe has today revealed a selection of new content coming to the critically acclaimed Dead or Alive 5. In addition to the premium downloadable content (DLC) and a new balancing update, all Dead or Alive 5 gamers will receive a new stage for free.

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ScytheX31913d ago

awesome stage, was definitely expected and the new swimsuits are pretty cool aswell, hope new dlc stages, costumes even guest characters get announced as the vita release nears.

izumo_lee1913d ago

Is this a precursor to maybe a new DOA Beach Volleyball game in the near future? Team Ninja doing what Team Ninja does very well, showcasing the sexiness of the female fighters. Strange the dudes get no love from them....would have been interesting to see Zack in a speedo :P

DivineAssault 1913d ago

cool.. I hope some of these DLC packs are included in the vita version.. I hate spending additional money on DLC that shouldve been in the damn game to begin with.. So rare for devs to create a complete game these days w/o the need for patches & dlc

nyobzoo1913d ago

well if you buy the PS3 DLC it's cross compatible with the Vita version and vice versa

Cablephish1912d ago

Man, this game looks so much more like Dead or Alive Extreme 2 than its fighting counterpart.