Every N64 Game I Ever Owned. Ranked From Least To Most Favourite There were so many amazing Nintendo 64 games. There’s so many amazing, memorable games on any system, but when it’s your childhood, or just wherever you were at a great point in your life, one system has to stand out. For me it's Nintendo 64. I rank all the games I ever owned form least to most favourite in a fun trip down memory lane.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1978d ago

The three greatest, IMO of course, are Goldeneye 007, Starfox, and Blast Corps.

EddieNX 1978d ago

1.Ocarina ,2. Majoras Mask , 3.Goldeneye

The N64 didn't have as many games as ps1 , but they were much better imo. Apart from the PS1 was 10 times better for RPG's

OhMyGandhi1978d ago

1. Ocarina
2. Mario 64
3. Goldeneye

000011978d ago

1st. Donkey Kong 64
2nd. Star Fox 64
3rd. Super Smash Bros.
4th. Goldeneye 64
5th. Pilot Wings 64
6th. Banjo Kazooie 64
7th. Mario Kart 64
8th. Diddy Kong Racing
9th. Mario Party 2
10th.Pokemon Stadium

Runners Up:
- Pokemon Snap
- Super Mario World 64
- Any N64 Star Wars game

OhMyGandhi1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

no zelda?
the rest of your list is spot on though.

BitbyDeath1978d ago

South Park Rally #1
Best karting game, right up there with Wacky Wheels.

TongkatAli1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

It was aight, PS1 was better for me. My favorite N64 games are Goldeneye, all the wrestling games ever released, Mortal Kombat,Conkers etc etc.


The N64 controller was ridiculous thou.

cpayne931978d ago

Super Mario 64, banjo kazooie, and Conker's were my top 3.

Pozzle1978d ago

I tried ranking all my favorite N64 games once. Then I realized I had about 5 or 6 games as my #1 so I gave up. :O

STK0261978d ago

If I had to pick the 10 N64 games I played and enjoyed the most, it would likely be as follow:

WWF No Mercy
WWF Wrestlemania 2000
Perfect Dark
Army men : Sarge's heroes (despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it hasn't aged well at all)
Chopper Attack
Forsaken 64
Battle Tanx
Diddy Kong Racing
WcW/nWo Revenge
Pokemon Stadium

Now that I think about it, a few of these games are awful...I sometimes wish I could go back to having the low standards I had back then.

Munnkyman1978d ago

It's funny I enjoyed sarges heros because of it multiplayer and battletanx

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The story is too old to be commented.