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New Resident Evil 6 Title Update Arrives

Continuing its on-going commitment to listen to feedback from Resident Evil 6 players and, wherever possible improve the gameplay experience, Capcom has today released a second free update for the videogame. This follows the first free update which was made available last month on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

Old McGroin  +   582d ago
Love the Resident Evil series but didn't buy this because of the online banter about how crap and un-Resident Evily it was so borrowed it off my brother when he was finished with it. Heard Jake's campaign was the worst and Leon's was the best so started with Jake's campaign just to get the crappy parts out of the way. I made it (and by made it I mean forced myself)about mid-way through Chris' campaign and just turned it off, never to be loaded up again. Absolute turd of a game. Did I read somewhere that it took more than 600 Capcom staff a few years to make this crap?!
bigbearsack  +   581d ago
Me and the wife played the Leon campaign and had a blast, but when we started the Jake and Chris campaign it felt more redundant. Maybe with this update will take a second look.
tigertron  +   581d ago
Love how the article says it's a 'free' update, like we pay for updates/patches.
CaptCalvin  +   581d ago
Better watch out. They're trying to subtly introduce the idea of paid updates into our minds.
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Kamikaze135  +   581d ago
Yeah, but with the things Capcom charges for, they had to remind people that their updates are free, lol

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