New Gaikai recruits will help "redefine future of video games"

According to a recruitment tweet from Gaikai's director of user experiences Warren Benedetto.

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jujubee881885d ago

Oh and here is the original tweet,

Like the Gaikai guy said, be sure to re-tweet in order to spread the word out online!

TheRealHeisenberg1885d ago

They have to start somewhere.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I agree maybe 5 years after 2007.

Makes me wonder if they will have a full sevrice for everyone? They said they had 50Million people playing per month. That is a lot to go along side ps3 fanbase.

Or Sony will just ignore the 50 M player and say meh?

DeadlyFire1884d ago

Depends on where you live at the moment Broadband structure for some areas is terrible if you live in the sticks like me and I assume TheKayle.

5-10 Mbps is claimed to be all that is needed to run this just fine. My 3 Mbps doesn't even let Gaikai appear. So it will be a few more years for me.

Executive orders all around the globe are set for most countries to reach 25-100 Mbps as a national average by 2020-2025. So when that spreads and prices drop enough I will upgrade and then see Gaikai for myself and other Cloud services.

TheKayle1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

ppl just dont know what they r talking about..coz most r chidlren crying for something ..

"Worldwide averages
The average connection speed for Internet users worldwide, not just among these 50 countries, but all countries, is an average of 1.8 Mbit/s. As an average, this is actually pretty good, but as you’ve seen, there are plenty of extremes in either direction.

And here’s how the various connection speeds are distributed. Once again, this is not among these 50 countries, this is for the world seen as a whole (from Akamai’s perspective)."

The average connection bandwith in USA is 4.6 MBits/s im saying average California/Messico is 2 and something my country Italy is 3 Mbits/s etc etc ...imagine that have a GOOD service we would have an avrage speed of 7.5 (more 8)

Another point also if u think ur connection is can change in 1 sec depending on the amount of bandwith the provider can give to u in that precise second...(on every contract u have a BASE that they will give that isnt the average speed and not the peak. I mean i got a 20Mb connection and the company can give me MINIMUM 6.4Mb as the contract could be also 20 ...but MINIMUM 6.4 it depend where u live...the line etc etc)

Then theres the problem about the CAPS provider initaly we dont have this problem but my gf in australia have it...and i know that in usa and canada a lots of provider works like that....Now imagine to play always in streaming /voice chat/your internet browsing/download some apps/movie/music/playing online not with gaikai...YAYYYY 10 days after u can say bye to ur monthly cap connection

From wikipedia:

"Gaikai recommends an Internet connection of 5 Mbit/s or faster, and a 3 Mbit/s connection meets the minimum system requirements."

It could change if ur position is distant more than 1.5Km from the Access Point...(your TRUE company switch) it could be jumping up and down if u have a lots os noises on the could BE BAD if u have a bad SNR margin for constant download

now imagine that u r playing ur single player campaign with BF3...and the graphics change from good to bad AWESOME.....and then drop the line...then reconnect etc etc etc....

Gaikai reccomends 5 Mbits or FASTER......yeah it work also with 3..(i suppose) windows 8 can run also with 1 gb ram
Gaikai was builded around the Japan Korean Chinese connections that r pretty better than our western connections....

To Fix this problem theres nothing gaikai..or sony or apple and ms together can do....if not just wait ..states..upgrade their lines

well...i been good saying in 5 years....i think more 8/10

But one think is @TheRealHeisenberg said ...they have to start somewhere

if sony do something ...they will give just some demo on it...IMHO

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GraveLord1885d ago

Would be great if these Cloud services were also Internet Service Providers, or at least partnered up with one and offer some sort of bundle.

ZeroX98761885d ago

with fiber optic connection 80mb down/40mb up, Bring it on Gaikai!
I'm ready like never before. I can't wait to test this new connection and see if a wide range of ps1/ps2/ps3 games will be available.

specsmatter1885d ago

I have 120 mbps dl speeds from Verizon Fios so im ready lol.

At any given timesi have two computers online and two ps3's online at the same time and don't have any internet issues.

I cant wait for the Gakai stuff to start rolling and to see what sony has in store for us. I know it will be awesome!!!!

ZeroX98761885d ago

HOLY! 120 mbps that's insane!
Gaikai got a lot of potential. Can't wait to see what's the price for subscription per month.

specsmatter1885d ago

It can go up to 120 but i rarely ever see that it averages more like 75 mbps constantly which is good.

BitbyDeath1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I only get around 7mbps :-(

Cryptcuzz1885d ago

Gaikai is what I am most interested in finding out how Sony would implement in Playstation.

There are so many possibilities and I cannot wait til they release their plans for it.