Xbox LIVE 12-Month Gold Card price dropped to $35 at

XMNR: dropped the price of the 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold Card on Monday to a new low for 2013.

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Convas1946d ago

Less than 10 cent a day, I'll take it.

Belking1946d ago

There you go cheapskates. One year of xbl for $35 is dirt cheap.

headblackman1946d ago

the new consoles release this year. i wonder if it will port over to the new system and if so will there be any changes that will take away from my 12 month time

Belking1946d ago

"the new consoles release this year."

I don't know about that. I still don't see sony releasing until next year or at least 6 months after the next xbox.

headblackman1946d ago

the new xbox and ps3 will be out this year and i just dont wanna buy 12 months worth of xbox live and have them tell me that its either gon up in cost which will take away from my live time or that it just wont work on the new system

TheRealHeisenberg1946d ago

I almost want to get this. It has been 5+ years since I last had Live Gold. I'm torn between getting this deal or saving towards a 3rd PS3. Decisions, decisions.