Dead Space 3 on PC to be straight port, no additional features added

Speaking with Visceral Games at a recent Dead Space 3 event, learned that the PC version of Dead Space 3 will be a straight port of the console versions, with no bonus content or support for PC users.

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hiredhelp1919d ago

WTF is it that dam hard seriously upsets me when hear this, specially when there studios devs actually wanting to change this then you have other company's not supporting or doing same.
I dont beleave this was down to the devs maybe the pen pusher that signs there wages idk.

Blackdeath_6631919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

just complete lack of interest. all it takes is a good options menu and mouse and keyboard support. not sure where the problem is. just outright admitting that they will be copy pasting the game from consoles to pc with no shame whatsoever.

decrypt1919d ago

Dont think PC gamers would be interested in this reskinned game anyways.

adorie1919d ago

I'm sure my superiorly intelligent brethren will find some way to enhance the game. Will just have to wait and see.

dirthurts1919d ago

I'm fine with a straight port, if it's a good port.
A good game is still a good game. I don't care if they gloss it over or not.
PC gamers shouldn't feel so privy to special treatment as they are. Equal is fine enough.
I plan to play this game, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
Assuming again, that it's a good port. Solid performance is key to my enjoyment.
My opinion.

camel_toad1919d ago

Yeh 1080p alone makes it better.

RuperttheBear1919d ago

I'm fine with a decent port as well, but seeing as the last two games weren't exactly the greatest of ports I'm not holding my breath.

hiredhelp1919d ago

I hear you dirthurts but still fedup my system my graphics card having to get best out of a game when should be game trying get best out of my system.

Still if its decent port hits 60hz vsync who knows me my mate planning on this for good co-op fun.

dirthurts1919d ago

I guess I'm lucky. I didn't have any issues with the last games at all. Thought they looked great, and ran great.
Of course, I don't use vsync. I force triple buffering...
maybe that helps.

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DigitalAnalog1919d ago

At the very least, it does have a better frame-rate and higher res options. The standard.. just standard. Unlike the dreaded Dark Souls port - that Durante fix clearly pushed a lot more sales for that game on STEAM and it goes to show PC gamers will put money where it is properly deserved.

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Despair6661919d ago

Not surprised...just gives us pc gamers another reason to rant about

ThatGuy21919d ago

First the transactions,now this,no buy for me.

Seafort1919d ago

Already decided to not buy any more PC games from EA but this just cements my decision.

At £40 per digital copy they are just taking the piss now.

And Sim City is even more expensive with always online DRM for a predominately single player game.

Marcello1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

I had my eye on the offer of all 3 dead space games with extra`s on Origin for 55 euros but reading this just puts me off bothering.

The first 2 were such straight ports as well that V-Sync synced the fps to 30fps instead of 60, they cant even be bothered to change 1 digit in a line of text in the engine. It truly is just shitting on PC players/customers.

SnakeCQC1919d ago

i got 120 fps on dead space 1 and 2

KING851919d ago

If the port turns out decent then fair enough. If in fact it's a shoddy port then shame on them. It's sad that some devs believe that some customers are willing to accept shoddy ports nowadays. There's a reason why games like BF3 sell millions. Most likely the game will do well because it's multiplatorm, but I can see some PC users simply bypassing this game or going another route to play. I guess that could be the case for all platforms as the "other route" is not contained just to the PC platform.

LightofDarkness1919d ago

It will be. The first two were crappy ports too; 30FPS locked with v-sync(D3DOverrider workaround necessary, DS1 most affected), mouse acceleration/smoothing by default and unchangeable via options, no genuine AA options. Performance is good, but the games are very much console ports. At least there's no pretense this time.

dirthurts1919d ago

Yet I still really enjoyed them.

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