DMC: Devil May Cry Review | Where Does Godzilla Poop?

There will unfortunately be those beholden to Shinji Mikami’s Dante that will never give DMC the time of day, but they are missing out on a title that not only does the series’ legacy proud, but builds on it with a remarkably well-rounded, rewarding and downright enjoyable experience.

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MattyG1199d ago

Where DOES Godzilla poop??

zerocrossing1199d ago

I know, right? that is WHY I clicked.

N4GDgAPc1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Is it obvious. Godzilla took a dump in DmC. Depending on what version u got if u got Gold poop u got a great game. If you got brown smelly poop the game really sucked.

So all this hate isn't because of the new dante its because they got some bad shit!

Neixus1199d ago

I know where he shits, on this game