Best SNES Games: RPG Edition

Mini Fortress writes:

"The Super Nintendo has an incredible library of games that come from just about every genre imaginable. A lot of SNES games continued the trend of mascot-based platformers, but most notably brought attention to a genre previously untapped here in North America. This genre I’m talking about is, of course, the RPG. Sure, Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy graced the Nintendo Entertainment System, but RPG would soon become synonymous with the words, Super Nintendo."

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goldwyncq1820d ago

EarthBound is the most underrated RPG of the SNES generation.

robparko1820d ago

I know somebody that managed to pick up a sealed copy for $20 back when the N64 came out. I should have went to that liquidation sale with him, I could have owned a piece of Nintendo history.

kma2k1819d ago

i sold my used copy a couple years back no case, hell no plastic sleve for the bottom even & got i think it was $125 for it.

1819d ago
thorstein1819d ago

When I think of all the classic RPGs that I had and never kept... damn! While the article is good, there is no Dragon Quest/ Warrior love. That makes me sad.

Chard1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I started playing it recently and like what I've seen so far. I just beat that gang leader and got access to the first cave, but got owned by the overpowered rats in there.

stragomccloud1819d ago

I think the Lufia games probably are. Most people have at least heard of Earthbound.

robparko1819d ago

I played Lufia 2 a couple years back, great game, it's a shame nobody talks about it.

dboyman1819d ago

Two words: Chrono Trigger. One of the best jrpgs that ever graced the SNES

clearelite1819d ago

I'm playing through Chrono Trigger for the first time on DS. Disappointed I missed it a while back but grateful to be able to play it for the first time.

animegamingnerd1819d ago

yeah i know when i played chrono trigger on my DS it made me regret being born in 97

robparko1819d ago

I never quite understood it when it came out in the 90s, but I was more than happy to jump at the DS remake. I'm glad I did, best RPG on the SNES, imo.

dboyman1819d ago

My only regret was never buying the SNEs version at the time, but was poor then. Least have the Ds version now ;)

kma2k1819d ago

FFIII, Chrono Trigger, & Earthbound i have put more hours into those three games than i care to discuss. No order i hvae for them they are my favorite 3 all time!

belac091819d ago

earthbound (mother) is amazing!!!

maniacmayhem1819d ago

I tell everyone that asks that Earthbound is hands down the top 5 RPG ever.

Such a great game and perfect example of gameplay/story over great graphics. Such an offbeat story with the leads not being your typical protagonists usually found in every rpg type game.

Loved Earthbound and was so disappointed when I heard the Mother series wouldn't be released in NA for the N64. Here's hoping that someone at the Nintendo revamps this classic for the WiiU. Day one buy if they do.

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