The Biggest Problem with the Story in Far Cry 3 is You

PixlBit | "We’ve had a relatively short amount of time for story-tellers to learn how to effectively use the video game medium. Arguably starting with Jumpman rescuing Pauline from Donkey Kong just over thirty years ago, stories in video games have struggled to balance the potential for player choice with communicating authorial intent. Not all games try to tell a story, but out of those that do, some revel in handing control over to players and offering up numerous variations ranging from multiple endings to entire shifts in the game’s world. Others tie you into a strict linear tale from which you can’t deviate, but are also guaranteed to show its players every bit of relevant content. The rest fall some place in between these two extremes and this is where games like Far Cry 3 run into real trouble."

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aliengmr1886d ago

I would guess most gamers just didn't care that much about the story to hate it.

IMO it wasn't the best story ever told but it wasn't a game breaker for me.

N0S3LFESTEEM1886d ago


Vaas and the way they handled him was the game breaker...

aliengmr1886d ago

Disappointing maybe, but didn't make me turn the game off.

N0S3LFESTEEM1886d ago

I can also guarantee you didn't know if he was dead or not after it happened.