Tales of Xillia Director Hideo Baba on the Ever-Changing RPG Landscape

1UP: "We chat with the head of Namco's popular RPG series and find out why he doesn't mind Tales being a genre unto itself."

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kalkano1914d ago

"I've never had any encounter with having to alter our games in any way to try and cater to a western audience. This is not something I would ever go through with, but there have been some instances where people will say something like, "Well, western audiences really enjoy Skyrim. Maybe we should try to make a Tales installment that's very similar in its style of gameplay to Skyrim." This isn't something I would ever agree with. I feel like doing something like that would be betraying our loyal fan base. We'd be creating a game that isn't what they're looking for. We feel like we want to maintain the flavor of our franchise. If you look at the Tales franchise, or the Elder Scrolls franchise, they all have their own flavor, and we feel like it's important to maintain doing what we do best."

^ Respect. I'm not even a fan of the Tales series, but I wish all series' had leadership like this.

Kalowest1914d ago

This is why the Tales name is so strong.

ScubbaSteve1914d ago

On top of all that let's not forget that it'd be silly to westernize games when Namco never releases them in western markets.

IAMERROR1914d ago

Namco does it more than other companies! n_n

ScubbaSteve1914d ago

Yea but with only 1 gerbil working on their localizations it takes so long that it feels like they never get released.

kalkano1914d ago

"I feel that same way about the Tales franchise. If we changed it too drastically, then people would lose faith in us. We don't want that to happen."

Are you taking notes, Tsuyoshi Sawada?

VsAssassin1914d ago

I have high respect for Baba actually. I just wish SE has the same thinking. Look at Ni No Kuni, it doesn't have Western written all over it yet it borrows familiar mechanics that cater to many audience types.

IAMERROR1914d ago

right? Wish SE had this line of thinking, nowadays people could mistake them for a western dev lol

ApolloTheBoss1914d ago

The solution to their problems. :)

Chaos_Raiden1914d ago

Square Enix could learn a thing or two from Tales series on making quality JRPGs.

Kratoscar20081914d ago

He introduced Silent Protagonist in the series so this guy is HUGE in my book, i hope the next Tales to have a Silent Protagonist.

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