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When Mainstream Rap And Video Games Collide… It’s Not Good

"I analyze a song from rapper French Montana that contains samples from the Kingdom Hearts 2 song “Sanctuary”. Does it sound good? Does it contain deeper and darker subjects compared to most mainstream rap that’s put out on the radio nowadays? And most importantly, does it have anything to do with a sanctuary? Find out!" - FirstDropShow.com (Kingdom Hearts II, PS2)

lilmetal  +   985d ago
Remove the lyrics, and I'd really like the beat...
Some of the best video game samples I've heard were by Charles Hamilton:
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ATi_Elite  +   984d ago
This Song is OLD
This Story is OLD
The website reporting this is LAME

Art is Art, I like the Beat but too bad French Montana has pitifull Lyrics.

Also Rap Music in general sucks so the editor should try listening to Hip Hop and YES there is a BIG difference between Rap (Casual Mainstream CRAP) and Hip Hop the art form.
eindeadmiles  +   984d ago
November 19th was the release date of the mixtape
No major websites reported the story
Thank you for your constructive criticism kind sir.

There is good rap music, "No Love" by Eminem feat. Lil Wayne is one of the many great rap tracks out there.

Hip Hop encompasses different genres including rap that appears on the radio.
BlaqMagiq24  +   984d ago

No Love is one of the worst rap songs Eminem has ever done and is definitely not of the great rap tracks out there. Don't get me wrong he's one of the all time greats but he is WAY better than that. Plus Lil Wayne should've never been on that song with the lines he had.

I've listened to rap my whole life and I've heard way better rap songs in the past few years than that one.
T3MPL3TON  +   984d ago
"Eminem feat. Lil Wayne"

I read that and stopped caring.
eindeadmiles  +   984d ago
You obviously don't listen to rap http://blip.tv/rapcritic/ra...
smashman98  +   985d ago
That did sound bad
doogiebear  +   985d ago
What a pointless topic. Sheesh it's not even the weekend yet, and the cream of the crap article topics have already surfaced for the week.
NYC_Gamer  +   984d ago
It's because mainstream rap is garbage
Psychotica  +   984d ago
"Rap Music" is an oxymoron..
profgerbik  +   984d ago
Oh god keep it away from my video games.. hasn't it infected the minds of enough children..

Every time my brother is playing NBA 2k13 I have to be reminded of how ignorant society has become or the fact that once upon a time you could find very good music in video games..

I hate people who call music beats and I can't stand Lil Wayne's dumb ass always posing like he can skateboard, I busted my ass for 9 years and was almost professional and this douche bag is getting deals left and right by top brand skating companies simply because he is Lil Wayne... Fuck that when he can't skate for shit, he can barely ride a god damn skateboard..

Sorry I haven't used the word poser since I was probably 11 year old but Lil Wayne is the definition of a twat poser.

I remember hearing Del the Funky Homosapien when playing Tony Hawks games. Those were the days and Del is fucking bad ass, listen to the album Deltron 3030. They don't put good music like that into games anymore unless they are like score written specifically for the game itself.

It is a musical masterpiece on top of that the written lyrics are insanely awesome.. Still one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums even till this day people are like damn what is that it just sounds so futuristic.

Dälek is also really fucking awesome.. Such good writers.


Related video
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profgerbik  +   984d ago
Dälek - Stagnant Waters

Corner blocks unlocked
Mysteries they not
Men and women shed tears when our peoples get shot
Multiply fears turns person to flock
Gospel don't read to let no man walk
Water stays wet and less we forget
Inept failures of corrupt government
Child wonders where and why her mother went
Whole communities not fed
Declared Marshal Law instead
Derailed all progress
Inaction of congress costs lives
Tide rise
Tore through Leadbelly's levy
A saturated heart stays heavy
Can't help but wonder if my masses stand ready
Revolutions cost lives
But an idle mind's deadly.

Barefoot exodus
Where's that plateau?
Thrown to wolves by our own
Can't trust a single soul
Should have known
Carcass lays prone in stagnant waters
Epitaphs have no authors
Patient paupers
My nation of martyrs
Turned mourners
We all lead to slaughter
Last breath on street (corner)

Surmise ill situations devised to kill neighbors
Separated families back when they enslaved us
Made refugees of taxpayers
Truth's layered
Lies burn like paper
our soul's bare
Yo i need my peoples
(We right here!)
Got to fight tanks with fists son
(We don't care!)

Barefoot exodus
Where's that plateau?
Thrown to wolves by our own
Can't trust a single soul
Should have known
Carcass lays prone in stagnant waters
Epitaphs have no authors
Patient paupers
My nation of martyrs
Turned mourners
We all lead to slaughter
Last breath on street corner

Coroners crept in same corridors
Fear of death left once you slept with the poor
Mathematics once taught to men by the Moors
Lost to Spanish eyes viewing Mayans as whores
Corps of Engineers slice throat of 9 wards
Suggest you hold breath for 9 more
Divine swords chop neck of the wicked
Wounds self inflicted
Felt the Earth's plates shifting
Cracks in foundations of system
Watch the sunrise from a distance
Defines what we missing.
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profgerbik  +   984d ago
Dälek - Tarnished

Endure the everyday, remain tarnished
truth is all tarnished
Corner stoops is all tarnished
Even when it's strength we try to harness
My mental stay tarnished
The way we act on streets is all tarnished
Even when we meek we still tarnished
All the words we speak is mad tarnished
The core of man tarnished
BlaqMagiq24  +   984d ago
The only rap song I've heard that contained a Kingdom Hearts sample and turned out good was Dollar and a Dream III by J. Cole.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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