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This year at CES, Nyko was mainly focused on their new upcoming Wii U range of products. The company also is tentatively working on a relationship with NVIDIA in regards to Project SHIELD which was revealed at CES this year in the form of their PlayPad line of Android controllers.

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SactoGamer1762d ago

That's a lot of support for the Wii U all at once.

NintendoGal1762d ago

With more on the way apparently.

ElectricKaibutsu1762d ago

Wait, what? They switched the A and B buttons on their version of the Pro controller? Why? That's bizarre. I wonder if it's just the labels or if the actual inputs are swapped.

I want that PowerPak, btw.

ElectricKaibutsu1762d ago

Nevermind. It's just a messed up promotional pic. The buttons are in the correct place on the actual controller:

Why... did someone disagree with me about that?

NintendoGal1761d ago

Yes, I spoke with Nyko and there were a few inaccuracies which have been corrected. Always dicey with builds of early product on which will make it through to the final cut.

AO1JMM1762d ago

Now if the pro commander had a mic connection.....