Sony, PSN Outage and Unemployment

800,000 people might be at the Presidential Inauguration, but that’s peanuts compared to the number of eager Bad Gamers fans waiting for their latest fix. It’s time to shoot up – episode 17 is here!

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TrendyGamers1730d ago

The highlight of Monday has finally arrived!

dbjj120881730d ago

I usually download and then listen later in the week. It's definitely the best PS-exclusive podcast. Can't stand Beyond.

Persistantthug1730d ago

Can you fix?

If it's an MP3 file, then I'll download to my PS3.


stage881729d ago

Yes! Another Sony doom and gloom article.
I was afraid we weren't going to see one this week..

Myst1730d ago

I don't have any chaaaaaange! *in Randy Marsh voice*

doctorstrange1730d ago

I'm ok with 1 maintenance session a month, no more

dbjj120881730d ago

The length of maintenance is always terrible... because it means I can't play my games.

RavageX1730d ago

So you are saying you have no single player/offline games?

Treian1730d ago

because single player games don't exist...right

Temporary1730d ago

if the only game you play is CoD for online, then yeah your world will crumble.

But I have a to of single player games ... most of which i downloaded with PS+ for free. :D

JimmyDanger1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Fair go. I'm pretty sure COD isn't the only online enabled game.

Some people like to play co-op/competitive online games that aren't COD, and for them, outages/ maintenance is kind of a big deal.

Are they wrong for enjoying online play? Are we telling people HOW they should be gaming now?

Temporary1728d ago

Nah youre right, my CoD comment was meant to be a vague generalization of that 'type' of player. Who just plays their favorite online shooter everytime they turn on their system.

Those are the most popular types of games, and there are many who dont play anything else but black ops (judging by my friends lists).

So theyre the ones that were hurt the most in this instance.

MaxXAttaxX1730d ago

The length of the maintenance is usually 1 hour, you loon. This was a rare occasion.
Quit pretending like you play any games, because if you did, you'd know you can play offline.

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