Destructoid-Review: Razer Sabertooth

DToid:I've tested many third-party game controllers in my day, and while I've liked quite a few of them, I always end up going back to the stock console controller. At the end of the day there's never enough there in these third-party offerings to warrant staying away from what I feel is the default and proper controller for a given console. Again, it's not that these controllers aren't nice -- they usually are. It's just that, outside gimmicks or options, they're never really better than the standard controller.

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NYC_Gamer1920d ago

That's how MS should have designed the 360 controller

grayfoxx8811920d ago

$80 is a lot to spend on a controller, but I think I have to pick this up. Shit.

deadfrag1920d ago

I have it an this controller do not have the value of $80!Its $50 at best,we are paying for the razor name tag and thats it!

pompombrum1920d ago

Sounds about the same as every other Razer product then.

grayfoxx8811919d ago

Do you think this review is accurate? I'd like to know just in case I have to cancel my order.