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NovusTerminus1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

DMC and DmC are two different games.

"entitled DmC fans" would mean the ones who support the new game.

Second, this thing has 8 signatures last I checked, a few people do not speak for the larger group who have legitimate reasons for concern and dislike of this game.

Please, don't lump us all up with these people.

LOGICWINS1950d ago

I don't get it. Why don't they just not buy it? Why punish the people who ARE interested in the game?

iamnsuperman1950d ago

I agree but it is like 12 people who are likely to buy it anyway. Luckily enough this will never get any serious traction because that will be a very very sad day for everyone.

SilentNegotiator1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

It's called trolling people. It's not new.

ANYONE can post a petition on the WH site. The WH site has already been trolled with demands for a Death Star and such....HOW is this news?

Blackdeath_6631950d ago

i am a hardcore devil may cry fan and still play devil may cry 3 on my ps2 to this day. i have campaigned long and hard against the reboot but this is just plain silly. i'm not sure what they are trying to achieve by pulling the game from the shelves. the reboot turned out to be quite successful and the game has had good reception from people not attached to the franchise. don't get me wrong i'm still pretty angry about the reboot specially when ninja theory essentially pulls a big middle finger to all devil may cry fans by adding a scene in the game where they make fun of the white hair that the original dante had. (i haven't played the game i watched a review) this petition only brings further disgrace to the already disgraced devil may cry fans and makes me look like a dick considering all that has been said about the reboot. anyways, i will continue to play DMC3 and pretend none of this ever happened the whole situation has become a farce

Killzoner991950d ago

"I don't get it. Why don't they just not buy it? Why punish the people who ARE interested in the game?"
Because this is NOT a DMC game , thats why. Us true fans do NOT want this game to succeed because it essentially kills the Dante we love and grew up with. This is not Dante and there was NO reason to axe off the character millions love. It would be like Sony turning Solid Snake into a cub scout.

Blacktric1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

>there are people who are taking s**t like this seriously and actually responding to it or wondering why people would act this way...

Just snap out of it. It's just a bunch of idiots (who may belong to the either side of the conflict regarding DmC) trying to troll people. Nothing more, nothing less.

And please don't put everyone who hate the game into the same pot. Especially those psychopaths who sent death threats to the developers and other types of unnecessary people like the ones who created this petition.

pixelsword1950d ago

With all of the problems happening in the country and in the world, these idiots want to pull stuff like this on Obama, and wonder why nothing gets done in D.C.

jerethdagryphon1950d ago

the death star petition was planned from years ago and isnt a troll its a genuine desire to see a superpower build something awesome.

calis1950d ago

"Because this is NOT a DMC game , thats why. Us true fans do NOT want this game to succeed because it essentially kills the Dante we love and grew up with."

You do not decide what is, and what isn't a "true" DMC game. Capcom own the rights, the name, the character and can do whatever the hell they want with it.

It does not kill anything. Dante still exists in DMC 1- 4. Capcom have decided to move on, in a different direction.

I swear to God, some gamers are some of the bitchiest, entitled, self absorbed brats in the world.

ZombieNinjaPanda1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Why is SilentNegotiator getting disagrees? It is just a troll.

Also there's that word again, entitled. I don't think it means what these people think it means.

Parasyte1950d ago

Because that would take common sense, and common sense is sorely lacking in our society.

MikeMyers1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

"I don't get it. Why don't they just not buy it? Why punish the people who ARE interested in the game? "

That would make too much sense, that's why. People feel entitled and one thing everyone needs to take into context is those who frequent forums and chatrooms are some of the more diehard fanatics. Some feel this is the only way of being heard and what ends up happening is a small and very vocal group ends up drawing the most attention.

Like as if Obama doesn't have better things to do than listen to a bunch of kids whining about something they have the ability of their own free will to avoid. This would be a lot different if it were a Kickstart project and people funded it thinking the game would be a certain way only to have the rug pulled out and be something entirely different. Nobody here funded this game, they can do with it as they wish. As a consumer it is up to you to educate yourself on making your own choices once the product is out.

Think about it, you have people around the world trying to survive and make do and here we are arguing about a videogame thinking we are entitled to how it should be.

sonic9891950d ago

thats obviously not the right thing to do .
at the same time i hate this game and i hate NT for doing those changes .
so on my part i wont buy the game and if someone asks me to purchase it or not i would recommend not to purchase it , in the end thats my opinion according to the demo i played and the fact that i hate the new so called dante
finally respect to anybody liked the game ( enjoy your game )

SilentNegotiator1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

" With all of the problems happening in the country and in the world, these idiots want to pull stuff like this on Obama, and wonder why nothing gets done in D.C. "'s the petitions that Obama probably never personally reads. THAT's why nothing gets done in DC.


You're right....a lot of people don't even have the common sense to realize that they're being trolled.

I'm getting disagrees because whiners of whiners want to whine and throw the word "entitlement" around (it's the word fanboys like use to defend their precious brands/games that some people take issue with).

Even if it weren't the blatant trolling that it is, 99% of signers didn't take it as anything serious.

Mounce1950d ago

It's as the title of this article says.

'ENTITLED' DmC Fans....

They're SELF-ENTITLED....Aka, they want to believe their 'say' in things or opinion is somehow Special, they are a Royal-We stereotype who speak loudly under the assumption that they're riding a train full of people supporting them.....

And yet, here we are......not even 1% of the gaming industry will support these fools...

S-J-D1949d ago

@ calis
"I swear to God, some gamers are some of the bitchiest, entitled, self absorbed brats in the world."
i signed in to this site just to agree w ur comment.
some gamers act like there is nothing else left in the world to worry about but games..... sad.
PS: i do game 2-5 hours each day, after finishing work and house responsibilities.

Tzuno1949d ago

Not buying it is the most severe thing for developers. That is the way people can make them listen. but hey 2 people are different imagine millions :)

Skizelli1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Can't say I'm a "true" DMC fan, but I've heard a lot of good things about the new DmC. As a Mortal Kombat fan, I've seen my beloved characters go through iteration after iteration, but the franchise is essentially better for it, and still relevant 20 years later.

pixelsword1949d ago

"'s the petitions that Obama probably never personally reads. THAT's why nothing gets done in DC. "

And while people are sifting through garbage, those same people could be getting things done in D.C., but instead, people are too stupid to realize what resources are and how they are drained in foolish endeavors.

Supporting such actions also why the mainstream really respects gamers and finds it hard to blame school shootings on the average gamers' ability to distinguish the gaming world from reality.


1949d ago
cannon88001949d ago

The people who are doing this are either egotistical narcissists, or just plain ignorant to other people who want to play the game.

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StraightPath1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I played all DMC games, and i have just finished DmC and all i know ninja theory just whooped the haters asses hard.

Overall this is a genuine enjoyable hack & slash game. It did feel like Devil May Cry but with a fresh new look. Atleast it showed how he got his white hair at the end...


lets be honest only two good games were DMC1 & 3.

2 was the biggest failure and dissapointment ever. while 4 was all over the place only saving grace was how funny dante was in that game.

am sure if they continued with the new dante he would go back to his flamboyent comedian version of dante. as the first game just showed his origins off all again.

even if it doesnt sell well you should try it it is a great game and dont just ride the bandwagon. Try the game yourself before hating it.

my opinion best hack & slash this generation are in no order..

God Of War 3
DmC Devil May Cry

DmC was a great reboot and if you played the game it seems like they will be continuing this new style...

AsimLeonheart1950d ago

Nope, NT got their own ass whooped by the fans. It just sold one third of what DMC4 sold in its debut week despite getting two more days of sales and despite being "number 1" on UK sales charts. The game is heading towards a sales bomb so NT, CRAPCOM, DmC fans got their own asses whooped by the original fans. LOL!

die_fiend1950d ago

I'm guessing the haters below like leonheart haven't played it. U know that sales is not equal to quality. The games shits all over DMC4 but you're too angry at...ummmm ... them changing dante's look? U all know he's not a real person right? He's made up! If that sort of stuff makes u fume, u should probably end yourself.

Or actually play it? It's how a reboot should be done

AsimLeonheart1950d ago


I have played it so guys like you cannot invalidate my opinion. I completed the game on Nephilim in just 2 sessions on my first try. I not some noob casual to get impressed by such a shallow and crappy game. The gameplay is dumbed down, enemy AI is stupid, combos do not require skill, platforming is stupid, bosses are even easier than normal enemies, glitches are all over the place, story is boring, ending is 10 second crap and finally all the ugly characters suck. The only enemy that was fun and somewhat challenging was Dreamwalker. The game is just a mediocre hack and slash game and a terrible DMC game.

Blackdeath_6631950d ago

how dare you call devil may cry fans haters when they are the people who care most about the series? if they didn't care so much they wouldn't have been so vocal about the reboot.

darren_poolies1949d ago

So it isn't just me who is having an absolute blast with the game? It's one of my farourite hack & slash games of this gen. At first I was pissed that they were rebooting it but admittedly DMC4 was meh and something needed to be changed. This is how reboots should be done.

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vork771950d ago

i agree i hate DmC but i dont want it pulled off that away dont buy the game it will loose sales and soon will get taken down

wishingW3L1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I don't want it to be pulled off either because then I will not be able to enjoy Capcom's reaction when the game actually flops. I mean, the point of this reboot was for the sake of better sales after all.

But the game's like Top 50 on Amazon (US) while the DMC HD Collection is Top 8 on PS3. On top of it it seems the game is selling really poor in the UK compared to DMC4 so everything's going according to plan.

Join the revolt:

Kurt Russell1949d ago

To troll you both I have just ordered this game. The demo was good.

sobekflakmonkey1946d ago

I'm buying the game right now, just to prove you faggots wrong.

SuperLupe1950d ago

And all this because of the hair ... :) I'm kidding. Nah Im serious.

zerocrossing1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I don't believe this crap... Either it's some really petty minded individuals or it's people trolling the original fans to make them look worse...either way it's pathetic.

Buy it or don't buy it, I really don't care anymore just shut up about DmC already.

showtimefolks1950d ago

get over it seriously most of us are enjoying DMC, its a very good game buy/rent it, play it and enjoy it

don't hate it

1950d ago
Gaming_Guru1950d ago

You people have to understand that it's a reboot, that means everything will change. What I find odd about the gaming community people hate Call of Duty because they say it's the same game over and over yet when a game is actually different they hate it.

For the people who are not stuck in the past will buy the game for what it is, a reboot. No it isn't the same expression, but it's still the same character. It's like the people who hate Django even before it was released to actually find out it's a good movie that did nothing what people thought it was going to do.

N4Flamers1949d ago

I think people are angry because the new Dante isn't better than the old. Its a change for the worse and one that was unnecessary. The characters and dialogue are not any better and I mean they could have easily improved on the dialogue.

It's that emo teenage angst that makes the new Dante unlikeable to fans of the original. They also changed a lot of subtle things that made people identify with him. The new Dante isn't even human. I don't hate the new game as a whole but I can see why people do. Combat system is sub par too and that was what people really loved about DMC

N4GDgAPc1949d ago

As I can understand fans not liking the new look but NT has changed the new Dante enough that he doesn't look close to emo no more. Looking back when it was first revealed that character was really bad. Changed enough for me that I like the new look.

When he puts that white wig on that looked closer to the older dante than the original dante from DmC3 which had some how a big nose which old dante never had.

Gaming_Guru1946d ago

Devil May Cry is a hack and slash, and the new game is in the same genre virtually the same combat. Emo that stands for emotional is defined by anyone who's feelings take over them, so Cortana from Halo 4 was technically emo. So when you say looking emo, I'm guessing you're talking about the gothic direction, he dresses the same as he did before. The funny thing is that he looks dead in this version the only major visual difference.

Lastly the developers decide whether the character needs to change or not, not some random person on In the end people just don't like him versus actually having poor design choices. What's next people are going to hate Cole from Infamous if he grows hair?

buffalo10661949d ago

is a new haircut really that good of a reason to hate a game?

Andronix1949d ago

I haven't played the new DmC game so I don't know if it in anyway explains the link to the original series. However people who buy comics will have seen that there are multiple versions of their favourite hero in the same continuity e.g. Batman from Earth 1, Earth 2 etc and then all the other different interpretations of Batman e.g. as Sherlock Holmes type detective in London.

I totally understand if there are gamers who see their number 1 character reinterpreted, but why not just view it as being a different reality? If you don't like Christian Bale as Batman it doesn't change the Michael Keaton films does it?

As for the original Dante, I'm sure he will return...

ThatEnglishDude1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

To "iamnsuperman"

I actually thought the game was selling rather well. This whole DMC hate is becoming out of hand. This just reminds me of the whole Mass Effect 3 ending incident. Sick of people feeling entitled and crying like a bunch of fucking babies when 'their' series spits out a game they don't like. Guess what? this shit has happened for years, with much bigger differences (see Fallout 2 to Fallout 3 for example) Get used to it. Step up or step out. Stop giving the gaming population a bad name by crying to President Obama. Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound? I'm sure the guy has a lot more to deal with right now... foreign policies, gun control, economy crisis among many other things. I am never ceased to be amazed by the sheer immaturity and ignorance of the modern day consumer.

Ritsujun1949d ago

all the games developed by NinjaTheory should be banned for real gamers' sake

ALLWRONG1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

"entitled DmC fans" would mean the ones who support the new game"

Reminds me of "freedom fries" :P

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iXenon1950d ago

This has gone too far.

Eamon1950d ago

This is obviously a trolling attempt. I don't think it was intended to be taken seriously.

WitWolfy1949d ago

I seriously want NT to make a public statement going... To all the haters... GO F YOURSELF!

*drop the mic and walk off stage*

Ritsujun1949d ago

i can see why you like those lame sissy dialogues in DmC

360ICE1950d ago

Least serious petition ever. Lots of spelling mistakes is one thing, but it really is kind of offensive in its stupidity. No, kids, DmC does not intrude upon your rights. It intrudes on your inflated self-esteem, because when you play it you realise that it's awesome and you're not. That is all.

You can't hate on the first amendment, grammar and logical consistency if you're not awesome. Geneva convention. Look it up.

wuerflein1950d ago

I signed that petition to get Nickelback banned from performing at halftime of some football game, and even I think this is an entitled waste of everyone's time.

FunkMacNasty1950d ago

attempting to disrupt Nickelback from performing anywhere is alright in my book.

Breadcrab1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

That's ok, petition creators. I didn't want the rest of society to take the gaming community seriously anyways.