3DS in danger: Why piracy is a bigger problem than just sales

Could piracy really ruin the 3DS’s future? What is the full scope of consequences? And if it is dangerous, what can we — gamers, developers, and publishers — do to prevent it?

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MultiConsoleGamer1977d ago

The original DS was plagued with piracy. Flash carts could be purchased for under $10. The problem was so bad that pirates were even selling flash carts full of games on Craig's list.

There was also a problem with pirate carts and multi carts.

And even with all that the DS is the highest selling portable of all time, the second highest selling gaming device, and it has more million selling titles than any gaming device in history, yes, even more than the PS2.

So tell me again how piracy is going to doom the 3DS.

DV_Bastian1977d ago

By your logic, you'd be happy if for every five dollars you made, you only got one and the rest went to whoever was criminal enough to take it from you.

So tell me again how that's not a bad thing?

ElectricKaibutsu1977d ago

MultiConsoleGamer just said that piracy won't doom the 3ds, not that piracy is good.

ChocolateGiddyUp1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I'd be comfortable being crazy-rich rather than absurdly-rich.

EddieNX 1977d ago

Correction DS IS THE HIGHEST selling Handheld and THE HIGHEST SELLING GAMING DEVICE of all time also. You must of missed all the comotion when it was reported late 2012 that The DS had indeed over taken the Ps2. It's like a mill or 2 ahead now because it's been selling strong over the holiday season.

Other than that , yeah great point.

coolasj1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Hardware isn't everything. Infact, only Nintendo really makes their money from selling hardware. Companies make their money through software. If your consoles Attach Rate is low, nobody will want to develop for your console. Who cares is the DS sold 150 Million if only 20 Million of them are actually people who BUY their games?

Ilovetheps41977d ago

The issue with piracy arises when developers stop making games for the 3DS because they are afraid nobody will buy their game due to piracy. Sure, Nintendo gets hardware sales from piracy. But, you forget that they get quite a bit from software sales as well.

But if the developers stop making games for the 3DS, what does it matter if you are able to pirate games? There won't be any good games to pirate. I prefer to support developers hard work so that they continue making games for me and other gamers of that gaming platform.

Agent_00_Revan1977d ago

Hardware sales =/= software sales.

I bought a PSP, hacked it, and I think only one of the 25+ games I had was purchased legitimately.

Go ahead and bring on the hate. Even though I haven't done that since, I still did it at the time.

Dark_Overlord1976d ago

I brought a PSP and put a CFW on too, however I still purchased the games :P

A CFW had so many great things available that the OFW did not :)

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NagaSotuva1977d ago

It seems like Nintendo consoles and handhelds are not too hard to hack. :/

Dark_Overlord1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Out of the big 3, Nintendo by far has the weakest security. Hackers have even managed to exploit the WiiU using a hack that worked on the old Wii :/

JeffGrubb1977d ago

I bought games on the DS and hacked it, because I hated carrying around 30 game cards. But now I just buy all my 3DS games digitally. Pirating: Do Not Want.

wita1977d ago

Another reason why pirates should have no excuse! :) Makes me remember all the carrying cases, though, and how expensive they were.

MasterCornholio1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Thats the main reason why i download everything into my Vita. I hate carrying around a ton of cartridges which is what i used to do with my Gameboy. But if theres one thing that i would like to happen is a decrease in price for digital titles.

SybaRat1977d ago

Information wants to be free.

ElectricKaibutsu1977d ago

I don't think information has any opinion on the matter. YOU want it to be free because you don't want to support the industry that everyone here loves.

Lifeequals421977d ago

People will go to extraordinary lengths and justifications to avoid having to pay for something.

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