DmC: Devil May Cry is a failure. And a success. Just look at the sales.

We’ve talked about this before, but the fact remains that we don’t have any idea how well or poorly most games are performing on the open market. This message has been driven home once again today due to the coverage of the UK sales of DmC: Devil May Cry.

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NovusTerminus1920d ago

DMC4's first week in the UK was 184,648 copies according to VGchartz.

A third of that is about 60k copies. Not very strong in truth, and I don't think that the other 2/3'rd are in digital sales.

I will not make a call on this game until I see the worldwide sales, thats when the picture is clear, but so far it's not a strong opening. And I will willing to bet that after this week it will fall fast from the charts.

DmC on amazon is already down to #70 and below on each console, with the PS3 DMCHD outdoing the new game.

Again, no one can make a full call yet, and I won't either, but from what we are seeing, it might not be a strong as Capcom hoped.

VileAndVicious1920d ago

Just curious...but are you in the US? Just asking because as of this moment DmC(Ps3) is ranked #31 while the 360 version is ranked #33. But thats interesting to see it very from region to region if not.

GSpartan7771920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I have DmC (PS3) at #38 and DmC (Xbox 360) at #50 in best seller for the US store. The arrow is red and pointing down, assuming it means it's on a decline.

For new and popular the PS3 version has gone down to #8 and Xbox 360 down to #24.

If you want Gamestop, it went to #8-9 (360 - PS3) from being #1 - #3 in less than a week.

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TheoreticalParticle1920d ago

"DMC4's first week in the UK was 184,648 copies according to VGchartz."

So, basically, the only thing we know is that DMC4 didn't sell 184,648 copies in its first week in the UK.

GuyManDude1919d ago

VGchartz's numbers may be rough estimates when the info is fresh (1st week sales, weekly hardware reports), but they update each game and console's numbers when the official numbers come in.

Considering Devil May Cry 4 is almost five years old, I'm pretty confident that they have it right.

Tontus1919d ago

@GuyManDude Well they didn't update God of War 3 when Sony announced sales figures for the franchise and it was undertracked by almost 900,000 units. They still haven't adjusted that at all. They made adjustments to all the other games in the series but it's still not accurate, GoW 1 & 2 aren't being sold new anymore so obviously the sell-in numbers = sell-through but not according to Vgchartz.

For the most part Vgchartz is fairly accurate, but sometimes they are REALLY off the ball. NPD is the most trustworthy source of information for US sales and I guess we need an announcement from Capcom to know how well DmC is doing, although I suspect they'll only announce shipped sales instead of sold to customers.

Axecution1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Worth mentioning... Im buying it off Steam on the 25th, digital. My friend bought it day 1 off on PSN.

Digital sales cont count toward numbers for some reason even though you'd think they'd be easier to track lol. And im assuming a lot of sales are digital since theres no tax, better load times, and no disc.

fei-hung1920d ago

Dude, it's £15 more expensive on PSN and you can't trade it in. Why would your friend buy it if PSN unless he has money growing on trees.

unicronic1919d ago

@ fei-hung, good point. Day 1 PSN Digital is a real way to get butt hurt. Might as well shave your butt, drop your trousers, grab your ankles and walk into the PSN store backwards.

Axecution1919d ago

What? It's 59.99 on PSN and it's 59.99 at EB Games...

Except EB has tax.

Lol what are you talking about

Statix1919d ago

Historically, digital sales on PSN are nowhere close to those of retail, and people still generally prefer owning a physical disc. This preference is due to materialism, and/or the ability to re-sell the disc. Not to mention that you very often see retail games on sale for a discount (whether it be $5, $10, even $20+ discounts), whereas the PSN versions generally do not offer discounts off the MSRP Occasional sales and specials, such as the "Day 1 Digital" promotion offered late last year are an exception to the rule.

Digital sales may be a significant share of game sales in the PC market, but no evidence has yet indicated that PSN retail sales of any major release are even 1/4th that of retail PS3 discs.

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rezzah1920d ago

The closest people can come to tracking digital sales is based on the rating system. I know that the PSN has it, but I am unsure about Live. Still not everyone rates the games they buy, so unless MS or Sony announce the digital sales we will never know.

fei-hung1920d ago


The 184k plus sales for DMC4 were for Europe not UK, but even then, a third of that us not a great deal.

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Kur01920d ago

I hope this game fails so Capcom let Platinum make the next one.

Ashriel1920d ago

Just let Platinum make Bayonetta -___-

WeAreLegion1920d ago

Platinum and Kamiya have already stated that this DMC is fantastic. In fact, Ninja Theory took a lot of influence from Bayonetta for this one.

Maybe you should play it before being a tool?

Blacktric1920d ago

"Platinum and Kamiya have already stated that this DMC is fantastic."

Kamiya rarely badmouths other developers as long as they are not being dicks towards him.

"In fact, Ninja Theory took a lot of influence from Bayonetta for this one."

As demonstrated with the lack of manual lock on and many other fan favorite features...

Maybe you should think twice before acting like you know anything regarding to Devil May Cry, Kamiya, Platinum Games and respect to other people's taste.

Root1920d ago

No where did Hideki Kamiya state that he was a fan of the game, it was just the media twisting his words

He just said he's glad people are still interested in the franchise as a brand.

Baka-akaB1920d ago

Kamiya never was a fan of the game , and is just polite and staying away from the drama . He simply got other things do do beyond caring positively or negatively over a franchise he hasnt seen for 4 games in a row .

""In fact, Ninja Theory took a lot of influence from Bayonetta for this one."

I find you claim rather ridiculous , but i'll bite and give a chance to explain . Care to develop ?

sypher1920d ago

We will know how good/bad it does on how quickly it drops in price.

TheFallenAngel1920d ago

I don't want the game to fail. Why? the developers have families and bills and they need support. I can see if it was a terrible game but the reviews show that is a good game. I was a hater at first but they are people and got families to feed.

Baka-akaB1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Seems like emotional blackmail .

Every game has workers with potentially family to support .

You could just support a less controversial game actually needing the sales badly and underrated despite critical praises .

That's a ridiculous excuse imo to wish a game success . You buy a game if you like it , you dont if you dont like it , that's all there is to it .

TheFallenAngel1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I said that only good games deserve success not bad games. The reviews point to be a good game. I havent tried it myself.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your opinion vs mine. I know how it feels not being able to provide for my family because our company is going to the toilet and I dont work full time. If the product is good, why not support it? Heavenly Sword was a mediocre game and I was glad I bought it used. But the game looks like I would enjoy it.

Baka-akaB1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Yeah but no offense , and my issues with DmC asides ... it just rubs me the wrong way when people give us the "family to feed" angle .

Of course most people wont wish families to suffer , that's not the point nor something to hang over a game's sales and purchase imo .

One thing that also bothers me is when the press try to guilt people for not buying into their opinions and choices of good games (wich is precisely what happened with Enslaved) .
Ultimately reviews are just opinions , not a definitive authority on quality and good taste

EDIt :

"If the product is good, why not support it?"
True , but got nothing to do with anyone's family in the decision

ZombieNinjaPanda1919d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you have families to feed you should go into a field that is guaranteed to pay you money. Not one where you need to please the fans to make money.

cooperdnizzle1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

I disagree with that. Simple, if you're going to get in the industry, make bad ass products and they will sale themselves. Work hard and you can do anything. The face is there are to many lazy developers these days trying to cash in on bad products. If you're good at your job then you have nothing to worry about in any industry. I disagree with you 100% Lazy comment.

ZombieNinjaPanda1919d ago

What is there to disagree with? I don't even think you understand the context of my comment. People are commenting saying "oh I feel bad, they have families to feed".

So what? Developers think that they can get away with murder and still make money on it because "They got families to feed". I'm saying if they have families to feed so badly, they shouldn't have went into a business that requires you to put your heart and soul into it and expected to make millions for a cheap cash out.

Qrphe1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

This money you would have spent on this game, you could have spent it on a product or service of a worker who ACTUALLY deserves it and ALSO has a family to feed.