Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Madara Scan Confirmed Fake

Hardcore Gamer: Lucky for skeptics, but unfortunate for Madara fans, Namco Bandai has confirmed it to be fake via YouTube.

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Y_51501952d ago

Well that sucks! The battle of him and the first Hokage in generations made me excited to play as him.

Irishguy951949d ago

EMS Sasuke is in, Obito and the Jincs are in....Madara has to be in.

There is only one possible excuse they could give for not including Madara "we are saving him for the next game". Which would be a slap in the face to fans

Y_51501949d ago

Obito was in the last game though (lol I know what you meant). Yes he has to be in this game!

CaptainSheep1951d ago

Hm, as expected.
But I'm sure we'll see him in the game. There's no way CC2 can't include him.