1UP: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Preview

1UP writes:

"We played a bit of Crisis Core back when the game launched in Japan. From the time we spent with the moon-language version of the game, we could tell the long-awaited prequel to legendary RPG Final Fantasy VII features elaborate storytelling, a simple action-based battle system and possibly the best graphics on PSP. God of War fans may disagree, but either way, it's a damn good-looking game.

None of those things have changed for the U.S. release, but after spending a little time with the American edition of Crisis Core on the Game Developers Conference show floor we can appreciate the nuances of the game somewhat better."

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Mr_Kuwabara3947d ago

The image of the story is pretty blurry (even in 1up) but is that Cloud in battle?

Marceles3947d ago

This is pretty much one of the oldest Crisis Core screenshots. You only play as Zack in the me, other than God of War, this is the best looking game PSP offers

gano3947d ago

next to gow. But i'll go with this. Ill ass game.

Luca Blight3947d ago

has better visuals than GoW or Crisis Core IMO. Of course, I'm gonna buy all 3, but don't sleep on Patapon.

gano3947d ago

U gotta snatch patapon for those who don't will be pataslapped in this [email protected]

spectyre3947d ago

There goes another $100 to Sony (and Square).