Will the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 be enough?

StickSkills said, "But as stated before, things have changed since the Xbox 360 first entered our hearts (and major retail outlets) in 2005. Today’s economic circumstances won’t easily allow U.S. buyers to drop several hundred dollars on a machine that simply makes the sweat rolling off Green Bay Packer Greg Jennings’ brow that much more realistic. The “need” to purchase a new, $500 phone every other year that contains thousands of free applications also makes a console with a similar price tag a difficult sell."

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Ezz20131790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

pc/ps4 for me will be enough when ever next gen come out

i will not buy the nextbox untill i see new ips from MS
when it come to exclusives
since 2008 MS dropped the ball big time
while sony took the ball and run with it

and they must make the online free
live have nothing over psn
live give you party chat
psn+ give you games
i will always go with psn because what it offer for free and when i pay for psn+
i get tons and tons of games

Enemy1790d ago

Taking the entirety of Sony's 1st party support into the consideration, I'll agree that PC/PS4 will be the way to go next gen. Microsoft will have to try harder than just Gears of Halo and Kinect to get my attention.

BlindGuardian1790d ago

no, I want more: Dreamcast 2 and Jaguar 2, and maybe a new Neo geo

my thirst for consoles can not be quenched with just two!!!

UnholyLight1789d ago

If you think Microsoft isnt going to have a bunch of new IPs for the Nextbox then you are fucking stupid LOL. Its quite blatantly obvious that Microsoft has spent the last couple years working on their new IPs for the Nextbox. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I for one WILL adopt a Nextbox as soon as it is out because Bungie's Destiny game will begin exclusively on the Nextbox likely. Microsoft has treated me very well the last 7 years even though some people may not agree. My best experience has been with the Xbox 360.

I will be purchasing a PS4 when it comes out too. I don't want to miss out on another Killzone game!!! Other than titles like Killzone and LBP and Socom I haven't found the PS exclusives to be that great. In my opinion I prefer my Forzas and Halos and Gears to the multiple meh exclusives PS3 had this gen.

Downvotes begin...Im not a fanboy, I just feel that Microsoft has treated me well, and with their rewards program I have been getting a couple hundred microsoft points back on each purchase plus 2% back due to my gamerscore. It's actually really nice.

GribbleGrunger1790d ago

Well baring in mind that my PS3 is still enough, I'll be more than happy with what the PS4 or 720 has to offer.

shivvy241790d ago

from games ms is offering Halo Gears Forza and ..... yea , Cant wait for PS4 !!

solid_warlord1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

well i really hope $ony wins next gen with continued offering of free PSN and on par with xbox live which at the moment is vastly superier. I own both systems and before u call me a fanboy, I would like to confess that i hate M$, i hate there new ugly dashboard and there new windows8 and windows phone is so ugly and hate the fact its been forced upon our throat.

Now, let me be honest... most of the PS3 exclusives are nasty. Xbox has the best overall such as Gears, Halo and Forza franchises. They are worth all PS3 exclusives combined, no offence. Thats my view. I feel they have allot of exclusives with bad games.

Gears, Halo and Forza are brilliant games. The only game i actually enjoyed on PS3 was uncharted and that in my view is in my top 3 best ranked single player game this gen. MGS4 was the reason i brought a PS3, that turned out to be disappointing.

Games like Killzone were average shooters, God of War is a hack and slash and i personly, hate hack and slash. Im more of a shooter fan, lets face it...most of console gamers are these days.

I played the heavy rain demo, the single biggest worst game i have ever played this gen. The games a joke. Its felt like a pre rendered game with no gameplay.

The game im most looking forward to on PS3 is Last of US. Im waiting for that game before i sell my PS3 to save money on next gen console. Sell them before they go down in value.

UnholyLight1789d ago

Hey Solid_Warlord, I FULLY expect that PSN and Xbox Live (especially Xbox Live) will be getting some serious revolutionary tweaking to the services. With the money pooling in from Subscriptions it seems a no brainer to me that the services, benefits, and subscriptions we see today all will be vastly different when the next gen hits.

Belking1790d ago

Xbox will be enough for me. The rumored hardware specs says it will be something special and i'm 99% sure it will launch first anyway.

DudeJets1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Yes it will be enough unless you wanna spend 600 quid 800 dollars on a new console

All the rumoured specs are ok. They don't need to be higher its not cost effective.

iNathan1790d ago

If Ps4 proves any good, im buying Ps4 after.

Riderz13371790d ago

Sony has already proved that they can continually bring out fresh new IP's due to their large variety of first party studios. Good examples of this are brand new IP's being introduced so late into the gen (The Last of Us and Beyond) plus the occasional sequel to some of the greatest games of this gen (God of War Ascension). Microsoft should be the one with something to prove since they constantly release Gears of War, Halo and Forza titles. Plus the abundance of Kinect titles which I doubt you even care about.

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