Editorial: Gun Control and Video Game Violence

Nate was still fired up about the gun control and violence issues surrounding video games from last week and he wanted to get the word out.

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Sharodan1915d ago

What bothers me the most is that they don't even really try to build a solid argument. Violence happens? "Video games. Because there's violence." Diversionary tactic is right!

lfclee1915d ago

Alot of people try to find scape goats , like saying video games make people shot people what aloud of bull !

imXify1915d ago

This whole thing about gun control is stupid at 400%. Ban cigaretts first, it kills people 40 times more than guns.

aliengmr1914d ago

What's stupid is the complete misunderstanding of the 2nd amendment.

But it doesn't matter anyway. Nobody is coming after peoples guns and Congress has its collective head so far up its a** that nothing will get done anyway.

Games are considered protected speech so nothing will happen to them either.

At the end of the day, nothing will change.

ATi_Elite1914d ago

Gun control = using two hands and proper stance to steady the weapon.

Video Game violence = animated fictional polygon images that EVERYONE know is not real.

This article = didn't read it cause I'm sure it's more BullCRAP

Also NO ONE plays more Video Games than South Korea and they have NO Video Game violenc issues.

Why cause they are not stupid to blame violence on Video games for one and for two their society is not as SCREWED up as the USA. People with mental problems get help over there where as over here they just get laughed at and pushed aside until they snap.

nhales801914d ago

Interesting that you didn't read it as it seems to be right inline with what you are saying.