Big Screen TVs vs. Small Screen TVs

GamerFitNation: "With more and more high definition TV’s on the market, gamers can choose between playing on a larger TV, or playing on something similar to the size of a large computer monitor. But which is better to play on? Well you have to look at what each does well. A big TV gives you a lot to look at, and a lot of detail. A smaller screen gives you the ability to play almost anywhere."

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ChickenMan341918d ago

what a waist of my time reading this pointless rubbish

N0S3LFESTEEM1918d ago

Lol... I thought the same thing. Irregardless we both read it.

RankFTW1918d ago

After reading your comment I just had to read the article. What a waste of time.

Chard1918d ago

Regardless of the article, at least you spelled waste properly

NavydAd1918d ago

I play with some "Pro Gamers) cod MLG type guys. They overheard me talking to my friend about buying a tv for my apartment. They said that I was dumb for getting a 55inch TV that the best type is 32inch.

I remember asking them why and they said because thats what all the LAN players use at events.

I remember thinking to myself imagine when they have a girl over and they say "Yeah I got a 32inch to practice Lan events"

Either way I went with a 60inch Plasma.

specsmatter1918d ago

I have a 50 inch lg 1080p lcd
A 55 inch Samsung 3d plasma
And now a 1080p hd optoma projector with 300 inch screen capabilities , but i have a 120 inch screen. I will never go back to conventional tvs again. Plying COD the ppl are all 7 feet tall lol and 1080p res. can really be seen on larger screens.

If anyone needs advice on upgrading to a projector pm me it was less thn 1000.

brettyd1918d ago

I remember when I went from a 32 to a 46 it took a while to get used to.

AznGaara1918d ago

I play on a 21.5" ASUS monitor because it has a 2ms response time and its 1080p anyways so that makes up for the quality. I like small screens because i dont have to move my eyes around as much when i game, that and the fact that my bedroom isn't that big to have a big 50" lol.

Tgamer1918d ago

I have a 30 inch tv which is okay for me mostly because its the only HDMI compatible tv in my house... but i wouldnt turn down a bigger one

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The story is too old to be commented.