Forbes Columnist Claims Microsoft Will Sell Xbox To Sony -- or Barnes & Noble

Forbes contributor Adam Hartung dropped a bomb on the business world this morning when he forecast the complete collapse of Microsoft's business and the company's sudden exit from the entertainment market. Hartung draws on Surface's mediocre sales and the PC market's woes to claim that "Microsoft makes nothing from its xBox/Kinect entertainment division."

He goes on to make dire predictions related to Windows, Office, and Microsoft's other businesses, but we're going to focus on the Xbox comments -- they're easily the most entertaining.

Let's start with the claim that the Xbox division is unable to make a profit. That's easy to check -- all we need to do is consult Microsoft's own press releases.

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ThatGuy21950d ago hilariousness if it was owned by Barns&noble

oakshin1950d ago

it is a little known fact xbox doesnt make money i think they have bad manufacture agreements r something that and they pay developers off left and right

hazardman1949d ago

You obviously don't know your facts, haha!

oakshin1949d ago

how is that? xbox doesnt make money.............. look it up.......

RememberThe3571949d ago

Oh Xbox makes money. They just haven't made enough to break even on their investments yet. It's right there in the article.

mochachino1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Sell it to Samsung.

torchic1950d ago

Samsung is an innovationless company, I'd rather have Microsoft than them.

adorie1949d ago

Really... they've been doing more to push tech than most, lately. First flexible OLED screen phone could very well come from Samsung.

profgerbik1949d ago

The only people making the best phones as far as innovation is concerned right now are HTC, Samsung and Sony.

Bottom line just saying Samsung could do it and I am sure they could make some new innovations along the way. Now would I want a company that has never been in the gaming industry really making a console no but do I think over time they could make one sure.

This would never happen anyway Microsoft would probably let the Xbox die before they would sell it to someone just like Sony will die before they sell anything of theirs of any real importance.

Syntax-Error1949d ago

You do know that Samsung is a holding company right. They don't develop the technology. Try doing research first before you speak. You sound like effing 12 year old's on here talking about stuff you don't have any knowledge about.

shikamaroooo1950d ago

They'll milk the Xbox brand name to bits. plus I don't see how it will benefit them, since most their revenue is from the Smartphone market.

Kalowest1949d ago

"They'll milk the Xbox brand name to bits."
LMFAO so true, all the products would switch names from Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Xbox(Samsung X).

stage881949d ago

No, definitely not Samsung.

kingmushroom1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Nah, to Sony their innovators, but i don't now what they would do with the Xbox brand, manage it ? or vault it, i wouldn't know why you would want to vault it in the US since its popular, or why they would want to manage it since they running business with the PlayStation brand.

but then again this is a console doom article.

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