First Two Worlds DLC in March - Screens

SouthPeak Games has today announced two downloadable content packs for its open-world RPG hit, Two Worlds. Each pack will be released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, priced 600 MS Points.

The two expansions will add a host of content to the multiplayer universe, featuring an entirely new player-versus-player mode based around controlling key areas of a multiplayer map. Also included will be a new strategic play mode, additional maps, cooperative missions and a collection of new weapons.

(See the Story Images tab or the first link at the Alternative Sources for the screens.)

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Silellak3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Do either of the packs make it not suck an incredible amount of ass?

Anyway, I'm sure the 6 people left playing this game - and the 3 people playing it online - will really enjoy these changes. That's gotta be like, almost $50 bucks for them if every player buys both expansions.