Three Big Reasons Minecraft Should Come to the Wii U

GenGAME writes: There’s probably no indie game more famous, popular, or beloved than Minecraft. The hype is well deserved, as Minecraft perfectly blends simplicity and depth into an addictive sandbox experience like none other. From PC to Xbox Live Arcade, and even on smartphones, Minecraft has sold over 18 million total copies, sparking our creativity as we shape our own virtual worlds.

As widespread and influential as Minecraft has become, there’s still room for more expansion. The recently launched Nintendo Wii U offers an opportunity for Minecraft to reach an entirely untapped market. In fact, the Wii U offers several distinct advantages that would make it a perfect platform to host the game.

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Qrphe1950d ago

Minecraft should honestly be on everything by now. I'd love to play MC on the Vita as well.

contradictory1950d ago

not gonna happen.
i agree that Minecraft should just be multiplat.
but that's just not going to happen.
you know exactly why.

SolidSystem1950d ago

I never thought about it, But minecraft would be rather cool on the WiiU.

it would make for a nice interface, not that the current is bad in anyway, and would be closer to the PC in terms of how it handles... now if the WiiU version also had infinite map size as well.....

_LarZen_1950d ago

Minecraf would be perfect on the Wii U.

Trenta271950d ago

Microsoft probably gobbled up the rights to it on consoles. Blah.

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