Black Ops 2 Quickscoping Tips & Best Class Setup

Having trouble figuring out how to perfect quickscoping in Black Ops 2? This article reveals some of the best tips for improving your performance while quickscoping with snipers and also provides a great class setup for doing so.

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SantistaUSA1949d ago

What I hate the most is quickscoping, so annoying :-$

Alduin1949d ago

Love it or hate it, it's in the game. The annoying thing with BO2 is that the aim assists are setup to help quickscopers way too much. It's insanely easy to quickscope in Black Ops 2.

coolmast3r1948d ago

There's still someone who plays this pile of bullcrap? Jesus...

Alduin1948d ago

For those that don't experience intense lag it's not too terrible, lol. There's supposedly a huge update coming soon that will "hopefully" (key focus on hopefully) fix the bugs and lag.