Famitsu: 64% of Japanese players plan to buy PS Vita this year

Famitsu has released the result of a recent poll, about what systems people plan to buy in Japan this year, participant can pick multiple systems; the result shows that 64% of Japanese plans to buy PS Vita this year, followed by 48% for 3DS and 33.8% for Wii U; 10% of people also picked smartphone (other than iPhone). 75.6% of participants were male and 24.4% were female.

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izumo_lee2157d ago

I wonder what is the reason for the spike, perhaps the rumors of a MH game or is it the games that are coming this year or is it something else.

Maybe the Japanese are finally seeing the value of the system & are diving in.

iamnsuperman2157d ago

I would say it will be the games coming out this year but also the logical idea the functionality between the Vita and the PS4 which is rumoured to reveal this year. I don't think the MH rumour had a big dent as it was quickly squashed.

jujubee882157d ago

Japanese developers suddenly appear on stage (at E3, TGS, or w/e) to talk about their PS3/PS4 games than out of nowhere they pull out a VITA and are like:

"Our game [insert title here] also fully supports cross [content/save/play/buy] with the VITA and with little to no compromises against the console version."

Than some Japanese developers drop the controller after one of their demo plays on stage (Naughty Dog style!)..... only to realize the VITA is the controller.


Aha! :D

yoshiroaka2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Soul Sacrifice?

Keiji Inafune's name is thrown around with it.
Not sure how big is he in japan but it seems like a big deal.

Ult iMate2157d ago

There's a bunch of different JRPGs released and announced for 2013 for Vita.

aceitman2157d ago

I think its a price drop there waiting for .

Sephiroushin2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Japanese hardly wait for price drops, only a very few selected Japanese wait for things to drop in price ...

dasbeer882157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I really wished the U.S. would be like Japan: The whole majority there love anime, manga, and video games. However, in the U.S. we're all about shooters, competition, and killing innocent lives. -_-

Thirty3Three2157d ago

You mean you wish all of the United States turned into geeks?

I highly dislike japanime.... It's ridiculous...

But I realize I'm on one of those sites, sooo....

Bring on the disagrees! :D

MmaFan-Qc2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )


go look at Akira and try to tell me it suck.

ElectricKaibutsu2157d ago

You're living in a dream world, Neo.
The majority of Japanese people absolutely do not like anime or video games. Manga is pretty popular, though.

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Tei7772157d ago

Phantasy star online 2, Soul Sacrifice, Gundam, One piece, Project J, Final Fantasy X HD...

ABizzel12157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Well that's hopeful for the Vita, but the percentage means nothing without knowing how many people were polled, and again how many times people were allowed to vote, since some poles allow for 1 vote only, 1 vote a day, or as many times as you want.

After some quick research Famitsu produces 500,000 copies of their magazines, and there was likely a poll online as well, but using magazine copies alone means that there will likely be 320,000 PS Vita's sold next year......That data means nothing, and I'm sure we all knew Sony would sale at least that many Vita's.

However, If that reign true with Japan as a whole true then the Vita will finally put an end to the PSP boom in Japan and should be selling 320,000 a week (but more likely 150,000 - 200,000 handhelds PSVita + PSP WW sales) World Wide (average of around 8.5 million per year) which is where it needs to be to get the developer support it needs and deserves.

DOMination-2157d ago

Im guessing the reason is: they already have a psp and/or 3ds.

fei-hung2157d ago

Or they are fed up of another MH rehash and Soul Sacrifice naturally looks more appealing due to that.

Kalowest2157d ago

It's because of the JP only games, that we will never get. I'm so pissed and sad... I want that Time Travelers game from Level 5.

porkChop2157d ago

That game looks amazing, I'd love to play it but I don't understand Japanese. Even if they just did English subs/menu/ui I would be fine.

izumo_lee2157d ago

The Vita this year are also getting some very 'Japanese' games that appeal to the otaku market.

Those 'rub the screen' games like Monster Monpiece, Senran Kagura Versus, & that dungeon crawler i forget the name of. Dead or Alive Plus is another that will appeal to the otaku crowd.

There was suppose to be a Vita Game Heaven scheduled late last year that was not shown. Maybe there are secret projects that are being kept tight lipped until official anouncements. Sony is known for leaks maybe this time they are being more careful with game announcements.

metroid322156d ago

I would say it's because 3ds has sold over 10 million in japan,what's more impressive is 44% wanted 3ds's ? wow,handhelds sell better than consoles in japan so at least WiiU is the most wanted console.

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majiebeast2157d ago

More Japnese developers are switching over to vita or ps3 games that also get a vita version.

NovusTerminus2157d ago

Well, this would bring forth a surge, which will bring even more games, and so on...

I said it before, Sony systems have a slow start (PS3) but they pick up after a while. This is seeming to be no different.

Qrphe2157d ago

Finally the Vita is starting to see some support over the PSP, over a year later.

lodossrage2157d ago

I was thinking this sudden surge of interest had something to do with games like Soul Sacrifice and PSO2

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