Ralph Nader Compares Video Games To Pedophilia, 'Electronic Child Molesters'

GR - "Former presidential candidate and outspoken critic of President Obama compares video games to pedophilia."

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000011885d ago

his stupidity is molesting my brain...

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LAZL0-Panaflex1885d ago

Friggin awesome commet mate! I bloody agree.

Ps im not really english i just wanted to try typing like a brit.

Sandmano1885d ago

commet? Dont think brits spell out their accent also remove awesome which is considered american and put wicked in its place =>)

omi25p1885d ago

Are you saying we cant spell?

also wicked, Awesome or frigging aren't "English" terms.

UnholyLight1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

This is going to sound REALLY REALLY bad, but people of his era kinda need to educate themselves, or die off lol. God that sounds terrible but its true, their generation do not understand something they never were accustomed to and grew up with.

Why does nobody say cell phone users are bad and cell phones are killing societyÉ

The generation that grew up around games and understand games should be the ones that say whether or not they are good or bad for society. All this does is confuse people such as my parents when they watch the news.

I mean, CNN claiming Modern Warfare was a game where you played as a terrorist and killed civilians, when really that was one mission that was almost integral to the story, and you could choose not to shoot anyone AND at the start it even gave a disclaimer saying you could omit the scene altogether.

The media and these Èdeath to video gamesÈ people need to crawl out of their holes and educate themselves for GODS SAKE!

DudeJets1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Then you should of said.

The bloomin' frogs and logs gonads comment China Plate, I agree.

Or if you mean you wish to have typed with a slightly more sophisticated tone then may I suggest,

What a humours statement to make sir, One entirely agrees.

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Merrill1885d ago

Ralph Nader is a genius and pioneer. He took on GM and other huge corporations to make changes that saved lives, i.e. seat belts.

He is a personal hero of mine, but he is out of touch now with comments like this, sad.

madpuppy1885d ago

When someone knows very little to nothing about a subject they really need to think before they speak. Ralph Nader was relevant 40 years ago, now he is just making a fool of himself following the pack of knee jerk morons out there that need to find a culprit other than the person that committed the crime to blame.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1884d ago

Title is misleading. I'm still trying to find the correlation.

IAmLee1884d ago

Does anyone else find it ironic that he looks like a really pervy monopoly guy?

Thatguy-3101884d ago

Think it's dumb trying to blame violence on entertainment. Though they do exaggerate at times we have to accept that we as humans are a violent species. That being said yes it needs to be control but to censor it from entertainment is just plain stupid. What passes me off is that they go on giving gaming a bad name and I ask myself "why haven't they played journey, SotC, ICO etc.?"

Ashunderfire861884d ago

A single man who never marry anyone in his life claims video games are electronic child molesters? What a dumba##!!!

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Irishguy951885d ago

Politicians...why are they always so stupid?

born2live1885d ago

...because stupid people vote for them?

theWB271885d ago

I actually got a nice chuckle from that headline...

MxRBrobaFett1885d ago

There's a reason he's run for president four times and never gotten close