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PlayStation Plus Updates: 75% Off Many Acclaimed Titles, Free Foosball(January 21, 2013)

+ Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Announced earlier today, we’re excited to bring you plenty of discounts this week as part of the 13 for ’13 sale starting tomorrow in the PlayStation Store! In addition to the sale, which offers a 75% discount for PlayStation Plus members on all the featured games, we’ve also got an addition to the Instant Game Collection for both PS3 and PS Vita with Foosball 2012. Read on to find out all the details this week for PlayStation Plus members and then let us know what you think with the poll, as well as the comments. (Foosball 2012, PS Vita, PS3)

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Godchild1020  +   1116d ago
The store update is pretty week, but the release of Ni No Kuni on PSN and the 13 for 13 sale makes up for it.
IAMERROR  +   1116d ago
Some of these deals are quite good!
Larry L  +   1116d ago
Yea, I never would have bought LBPKarting. I was even considering it with the $20 sale this week at Best Buy but I decided against it. I'm not much of a LBP fan, and I prefer realistic karting (GT5), so it's not worth $20 to me. But for $10, that's cheap enough for the racing fan in me to make an impulse buy on a racing game I may not like.....something I NEVER do anyway. I never gamble on racing games. But $10 for a Play Create Share racing game is worth the gamble. I won't be lacking for tracks, that's for sure......I hope people have created some good real life track recreations.

For $3.50 The Unfinished Swan is amazing. Another game I was sketchy on gambling on for $15, so I was waiting for a discount to like $10.....I wasn't expecting $3.50 lol

I love this sale this week, because I wasn't excited for any of this weeks new content.
FragGen  +   1116d ago
@LarryL: Not sure if LBP Karting will be your cup of tea or not, but FWIW, I have had a blast playing it with my daughter. It was worth full price for us. It's a great game for $10.

I will probably pick up Psychonauts I already have a copy on another platform but at less than a cup of coffee at Starbuck's, it's awesome to add it to my Ps3 soft collection.
guitarded77  +   1116d ago
LBP Karting for $10 is the right price for me.

I have just about everything else, but there are some great deals there.
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LAZL0-Panaflex   1116d ago | Trolling | show
Razmossis  +   1116d ago

As someone who has lost his Skyrim saves half way through the game TWICE, and Borderlands 2 saves, Peace Walker saves etc, all mid game due to HDD failure, then YLOD. I can say that the cloud saves alone are worth the price. Nevermind the dozens of free games
saundersdick62gg   1116d ago | Spam
dgonza40  +   1116d ago
So what you're saying is the update isn't weak?
Godchild1020  +   1116d ago
Exactly. And I Spelled Weak wrong, I need some sleep or maybe some Ni No Kuni in my life.
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IAmLee  +   1116d ago
Needed a new game to carry me over til' GoW.
LBP shall do the trick :D
dboyman  +   1115d ago
....and some Ni No Kuni would also do :)
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JaredH  +   1116d ago
The sales are as good as steam sales when you have plus. That's pretty good.
Bladesfist  +   1115d ago
They are good but not as good, steam has way more titles in it sales and up to 90% off. It also has the huge collections of games for £30 and all of the indie games not to mention the games they gave away on the summer sales. I know I will probably get down voted for this but it is the truth. This sale pales in comparison to a steam sale.
Slapshot82  +   1116d ago
@Godchild1020 Sorry mate, I meant to "Agree" with your comment, but I accidentally hit the "Disagree" button.

I've wanted to grab both Unfinished Swan and NiGHTS into dreams..., but I've not had the time to play them yet. I actually enjoyed the LBP Karting beta, but not enough to warrant a retail purchase - for $10, I'm game though!
HG_69   1116d ago | Spam
Mikeyy  +   1116d ago
Well said Razmossis,

My Original 60GB died on me 2 summers ago, and I would have lost all my saves if it werent for Plus and the cloud saving.

That or flash drives are the only way to protect yourself, because if you try to put your HDD in a defferent PS3 it forces you to reformat it, I feel bad for people who don't have plus and this reality hit them.
dboyman  +   1115d ago
For some saves, they are protected/locked, so cannot copy to flash drive, so your only options is either system backup, or upload to PS Plus cloud saving...
user4672848   1116d ago | Spam
doogiebear  +   1115d ago
Not so great a week for Vita. Again.
iamnsuperman  +   1116d ago
These sales best come to the EU (not holding my breath though)
Tei777  +   1116d ago
Its because we get much better games on the instant game collection, its only right NA get better discounts
iamnsuperman  +   1116d ago
True but dam I would blow a load of money on those discounts. So many games I would play. Cheap
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1116d ago
One and a half year of PS Store officially available in Brazil and we still don't have any kind of access to PS Plus or Home, both of which had been promised at E3 before the store were available here. Also our sotore don't have any video or music content beyond gaming related, most prices are stupidly higher than both America/Europe prices as well as brazillian Xbox Live prices, also no extended warrant or season deals... Not to mention that a lot of content simply never shows up here.

Count yourselves luck!
guitarded77  +   1116d ago
Actually, you folks in the EU get price gouged on everything, so decent titles on the instant game collection is the least they can do. You guys deserve a good sale.
BitbyDeath  +   1116d ago
Was hoping to get Unfinished Swan discounted at the 12 days of Xmas specials but instead they bundled it with Journey :-(
THC CELL  +   1116d ago
Superman I benefit from making a USA account and USA psn cards seriously it's not hard man.
KING85  +   1116d ago
The update isn't that awful. All users get a substantial discount, but PS+ users get that added bonus.
E2S  +   1116d ago
I wonder if you need a PS move to play house of the dead.
hawkeyejonjon  +   1116d ago
No. You can use a controller too if you wanted.
Monolith  +   1116d ago
House of the dead overkill is awesome. My brother and I play that game all the time when were drinking. That game is hilarious. Had my mom play it and she had a blast with the move.
E2S  +   1116d ago
Yeah Its fun. I played the wii version but the graphics are horrendous.
DivineAssault  +   1116d ago
The joy.. PS Plus is awesome
Avernus  +   1116d ago
the 13 for 13 discounted deals for PS+ is pretty good.
Outsider-G  +   1116d ago
Some good deals right there. Will probably get Rachet & Clank, and Jak & Daxter.
Monolith  +   1116d ago
My thoughts aswell.
PLAYER5095  +   1116d ago
damn ill be getting littlebigplanet karting, the unfinished swan, Machinarium, The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut all for 21.25. YAY for me!!! was really hoping for a papo and yo discount
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T3MPL3TON  +   1116d ago
I always feel like I'm asking too much.. but I wish they'd actually stick to what they said and give us at least AA games for free. Normally they do but.. a foosball videogame... My mind can't even fathom the point of making a video game for foosball. I find it just as pointless as I do video game versions of, uno and table hockey.. and pretty much any game that you could literally play at your table.
lodossrage  +   1116d ago
To be fair
If my memory serves correct, that promise you refer to was geared towards the EU Plus. Not that it matters much because thus far, outside of RDR, Crysis 2,Vanquish, and Batman, the U.S. version of plus got the other games at some point already.

The problem is if you're just joining plus or even if you didn't have it before the IGC, you missed out on them.

As for your foosball game comment, you somewhat have a point. But then again, you have to ask yourself. If you live in say Chicago, how are you going to play table hockey with your pal like you always do when he/she moves out of state or out of country?
8bitHero  +   1116d ago
HOLY SHIT EU GOT VANQUISH!? thats the one made by platnium games right? so un fair :/

anyways, foosball... wtf man, i didnt even know they made a game about that -_- and here i was thinking that there is no way that sony could pick a game worse than nba jams but some how they managed to do that. well at least the sale is good, plus a lot of cool demos.
Monolith  +   1116d ago

I bought the Foosball game when it came out. Its a lot of fun. Especially when you play it on the vita! Its a good pass the time kind of game.
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dgonza40  +   1116d ago
Darksiders was given to us last week. street fighter IV the month before that. It's absurd to think we'd get at least a AA game EVERY WEEK.
Y_5150  +   1116d ago
Those are really good discount for plus users! LittleBigPlanet Karting for 10 dollars!

Foosball any good?
BLAKHOODe  +   1116d ago
I'm definitely in for LittleBigPlanet Karting.. and not to troll, but this is one of the great things about Playstation Plus. People say you're just "renting" games, but if you take advantage of the discounts and pay even a single penny on a game, it's yours for life, regardless if your Plus membership expires. LBP Karting is a great deal at $20, so getting it for $10 is another $10 I'll knock off the price I paid for my Plus membership.

Long story short, get Playstation Plus.. It's WORTH it!
blackblades  +   1116d ago
I seen LBP karting and I was like WOW! but I'm still not getting it, I want the others games like WO3 or that ARPG to go down in price.
Thirty3Three  +   1116d ago
Fooseball... not renewing my subscription if I'm paying for a subscription for this crap.

I love you Sony, but seriously. Step up your game.

(My opinion - Don't care if I get disagrees, because that'll be your opinion. But in MY opinion, it's just not seeming to be worth it.)
Y_5150  +   1116d ago
That's good. You can always re-sub if something awesome pops up for Plus.
Snookies12  +   1116d ago
Don't complain, some people might like those games that you say are crap. Besides, as Y_5150 says, you can just renew when you DO see something you like up.
8bitHero  +   1116d ago
completely agree, i thought the nba jams update sucked but damn this ps plus update blows that one out of the water. i seriously hope they stop giving shit like this and put some games people actually want.
MasterCornholio  +   1116d ago
Sucks to be you then. Since i live in Europe i was able to download Mortal Kombat 9 and Bioshock 2 this month from plus which both are awesome games. I got guardians of Middle Earth as well but i haven't had a chance to play it plus on my Vita i got Jet Set Radio with plus and i have to admit that its a very interesting game.

So far i had a really positive experience with plus.
dkeat  +   1116d ago
In for Machinarium and Unfinished Swan. Love when my subscription cycle is just right to get in on sweet deals like these. Free month trial expires the 28th.
Can anyone recommend Psychonauts or Warp for any reason?
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ginsunuva  +   1116d ago
I just bought the Unfinished Swan for $15 last week when I could have gotten it for 3????
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   1116d ago
You guys should snatch up Psychonauts.
LordHiggens  +   1116d ago
Might get me some Tiger Woods...
Snookies12  +   1116d ago
Higgens! As much as Tiger Woods is great, 13 still felt kind of off to me... Will most likely be getting LBP Karting though, as I'm sure that will be at least fun in multi-player if nothing else.
LordHiggens  +   1116d ago
Well good....SNOOK....we should play some LBP would please me! Also thinking about House of the Dead and Unfinished Swan. I'll pick up one if you pick up the other.
chiefdog11  +   1116d ago
LBP Karting, Tiger Woods 13, HOTD: Overkill, and JSR for me this week.
Orionsangel  +   1116d ago
Okay, now I'm buying LBP Karting. That's just the right price for me.
porkChop  +   1116d ago
Seriously, the original lineup for Vita's PS Plus was great. But the Vita has been getting crap since then. I feel sorry for NA Vita-only gamers who bought PS Plus. Sony promised that the PS Plus for Vita would bring the exact same benefits as the PS3 version, which includes 3 games a month. Last month Vita only got 2, and one of them was horrible. This month they get an incredibly niche title... better be something good next week.

Anyways, I'll probably pick up LBP Karting, The Unfinished Swan, Warp, and maybe Psychonauts.
#20 (Edited 1116d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Funky_Homosapien  +   1116d ago
What i like about Xbox is Quality over Quantity.
Octo1  +   1116d ago
You know what I like about trolls? Wait. I hate trolls. Why don't you fuck off and sing your Xbox praise some where esle!!
WeAreLegion  +   1116d ago
Sony gives us both though. You don't have to choose, with PlayStation. ^_^
Octo1  +   1116d ago
Finally! That $22 I have in my PSN account is just itching to be spent but I haven't had a reason with the past few Plus+ updates. This weeks update will definitely put my $20 to good use :D
Soldierone  +   1116d ago
I wish the MGS HD collection for Vita went back on sale. I didn't have money, and the day I got paid it was removed lol
kingPoS  +   1116d ago
I can definitely appreciate the steam like sales from +.
Consider me sold on LBP Karting & Unfinished Swan.
dfgeruhsdiu   1116d ago | Spam
nosferatuzodd  +   1116d ago
Cool I love Psn
zoks310  +   1116d ago
Wow, some unbeatable deals!
WeAreLegion  +   1116d ago
Can we PLEASE gift things to people over the PSN? I want my friend to play The Unfinished Swan, but he won't. I know he'd love it. I could just buy it for him... I can't though. :/ Please add that feature, Sony. Steam benefits from people being generous. You should, too!
PLAYER5095  +   1115d ago
totally agree
hot4play  +   1116d ago
Can someone please give a complete list of PS+ Instant Game Collection for Vita?
Is it true that they’ve already removed WIPEOUT 2048 from the list already and are planning to replace FF TACTICS: WOTL with FOOSBALL?
If so, this is disappointing and gives me little reason to join PS+ ….
hawkeyejonjon  +   1116d ago
On NA PS Vita IGC now
Wipeout 2048
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Retro City Rampage
Final Fantasy Tactics (Foosball 2012 is replacing it today)

On EU PS Vita IGC now that i know of
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Jet Set Radio
Gravity Rush
Kyntt Underground (getting replaced tomorrow with Pinball Arcade)
Big Sky Infinity
#29.1 (Edited 1116d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hot4play  +   1116d ago
Thanks hawkeyejonjon!
Sucks that I'll miss FF Tactics but I guess there's still Wipeout & Gravity Rush to look forward too. Hopefully they come up with better games next month. (Foosball is meh, dont know why they had to replace Tactics...)

Really appreciate your reply, thanks again!
GraveLord  +   1115d ago
wow LittleBIgPLanet Karting is so cheap. Tempting.

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