Get N7 Armour in Dead Space 3 if You’re a Mass Effect Player

"Over on the Dead Space Facebook page, EA have just announced that if you’re a Mass Effect 3 player (and presumably have save data on your console), you’ll be able to bag some awesome looking N7 armour for Isaac in Dead Space 3."

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JohnApocalypse1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

WOW, EA doing something good. That's a rarity

Welshy1791d ago

Despite it not being the best armour in the game, i wore the sh*t out of the exclusive PS3 phat skin suit that was gloss black with the square grid vents in Dead Space 1.

Looked epic with the lighting deflecting off it during light effects <3

tigertron1791d ago

I know what armour I'll be wearing. :)

Jaces1791d ago

Nice. Just started ME3 and decided to go back and finish 2.

All my ME2 data was wiped out when my Fat PS3 died on me.

Agent_00_Revan1791d ago

Suh muh ma birch! I played ME on my xbox and every DS on my PS3.

Rhezin1791d ago

oh god Mass Effect 3 armor? you can play in your Mass Effect armor while killing NON-necromorphs! wtf is the point? You want to do that sh!t go play mass effect! Distinction is fading fast in some video games nowadays.

Bolts1791d ago

I hate EA's bullshit tie ins. Most of them just doesn't make any sense like the Dragon Age armor in Mass Effect. Really? Whats next, the Assassin Creed armor in Battle Field 3??

FarCryLover1821791d ago

Probably not since AC is a Ubisoft title.

Skate-AK1791d ago

Hahaha you got him there. I don't think he even really thought about that.

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