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Is the Nintendo Wii U's Software Struggling?

GotGame: With the Wii U moving 460,000 units in December and 425,000 in November, the hardware is more or less holding up its end. Sales aren’t spectacular, there’s undeniably still stock on shelves and the resale price – always a solid indicator of market demand – hasn’t skyrocketed like it did for past console launches, but they’re decent.

The real problem is on the software side of things, and that’s where Nintendo fans – those who were undoubtedly the first to purchase the Big N’s newest machine – have dropped the ball. (Wii U)

Godchild1020  +   951d ago
Third party games are struggling because they are Multi Platform ports that came out a while back and/or have a bigger audience on the other two platforms. Lets see how Injustice: Gods Among Us, Aliens: Colonial Marines and the other multi Platform games that are coming to the Wii U do when they come out.
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metroid32  +   951d ago
Aliens wiiu will sell better than it's counter parts because Randy Pitchford has basically sold the WiiU version to the die hard graphic hores.
richierich  +   951d ago
But the 360,PC and PS3 versions get released earlier
iamnsuperman  +   951d ago
He has been on a Wii U selling drive ever since he announced his game for it. Who knows if it actually a better version. By the way he talks about the Wii U I wouldn't be surprised if he has tried to legally marry it
landog  +   951d ago
@ metroid

the pc version is always the one to go with for the graphics whores (me included)

the wii u version of aliens cm will look way better than the ps3/360 version, and i believe it will showcase the wii u a little better

but the pc version is $10 less and will look 10x better than the wii u version
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deafdani  +   951d ago
Yeah, you're completely ignoring the fact that the userbase gap between the Wii U and the other HD consoles is a good 65-70 million. Yet you think the Wii U version will sell better?

Not realistic at all.
flocker  +   951d ago
It's not only the software that is struggling though. The console itself is selling at a sluggish rate. It was almost impossible to find a 360, PS3 or Wii during the first six months of all of these in the market. I was able to find a Wii U on the launch week, and when they "ran out", another shippment of Wii U came and it was available on every store in the city I live in. Right now, I can go in to any store and buy it at will, and yet I am in no rush to buy it.

I am frankly unimpressed by the hardware, the games and the OS. Wii U can't possibly be considered "Next-gen" when it's struggling to even match PS3 and 360 on graphics, UI and functionality alone.
jmc8888  +   951d ago
If you're unimpressed by the hardware, you will be of the 720 and PS4. If you are impressed by the PS4/720 yet not the Wii U, you know nothing about specs or hardware. Maybe you won't be impressed by any of the specs, I don't know you, but that's really the most accurate way to be.

But you don't need to be impressed by them. Wii U, 720, and PS4 will be fine systems. Lots of fun.

An ATI 7850 is peanuts compared to an upcoming ATI 8990, which is what PC users will have before the PS4/720 come out. (..and if it's late 2014 for some reason, at this point less likely, then that would be the ATI 9990). Nor is it 2x ATI 8990 since you can crossfire them.

Basically the new consoles will ship with the power of a GTX 560ti. Or a GTX 470. Or an ATI 6970. That's basically what a 7850 is more or less, especially if it's downclocked to reduce power consumption.

So if you don't consider the Wii U 'next gen', you probably shouldn't Sony and MS offerings as well. They aren't that much better.
WiigotU  +   951d ago
If you look at the amount of wiiu's sold in the release and the amount of ps3's and xboxes sold then you should understand nintendo is clearly making there system more accessible. What if 40,000 people wanted the system and theres none around how can you buy them. Nintendo needs to hit hard with 3 titles and have advertising to push them.
Neonridr  +   951d ago
We are now in the post launch lull that accompanies almost any hardware launch. There is always a push to have games ready for launch on day one, but as a result, it almost always leaves the next few months after the launch a little barren and dry.

I don't mind it so much because it actually gives me a chance to finish the games I purchased on day one before more titles come out that I want.
metroid32  +   951d ago
It's because there was a huge selection of launch games it makes it harder to get million sellers than if u just release say 6 games ?? there was 24/28 games released on launch i think games are selling well.
Kingofwiiu  +   951d ago
I have had loads of games to play on my wiiu because I skipped buying the likes of AC3 , Blops 2 , etc on 360 so I could buy on wiiu.

And I'm glad I did because the Dual screen Multiplayer of blops 2 and off screen play of Assassins creed 3 means they are surely the definitive console versions.

Monster Hunter Ultimate , lego city , Rayman legends , NFSMW , Wonderfull 101 , Game and Wario , Pikmin 3 , Aliens colonial marines.
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LOL_WUT  +   951d ago
Well, the console just released not too long ago not only that but Nintendo is loosing money on every console sold the software is whats making up for it. Nintendo need to release more appealing games because ports just aren't enough or drop the consoles price. ;)
deafdani  +   951d ago
Yeah, fair points. People just disagreed with you because you tend to troll a lot, but that post was pretty fair.
stuntman_mike  +   951d ago
I personally think they didn't release enough information beyond launch window. the other companies did even if the games never came out, it still drew people in. that's what Nintendo's failed to do is entice gamers with their far off treasure's. (yeah everyone assumes there's gonna be Zelda, Mario and such but Nintendo need to jazz it up a bit and put on the PR crap).
ahronith  +   951d ago
Wrong, Nintendo is the only company out of the 3 that sell systems at a profit...They generally average $50 per console sold profit...Do note i use to work in testing for the big N, before anyone has anything else to say.
Trenta27  +   951d ago
It just needs more games. Once it does, it'll be fine.
AsheXII  +   951d ago
Was the same with the 3Ds. It has happened so many times in the past you'd think we would know better by now. Just wait for the great exclusives to kick in.
Perjoss  +   951d ago
You'd think people would have noticed the pattern by now, apparently not...
animegamingnerd  +   951d ago
yeah and same thing with the vita something tells the PS4 and 720 will have a rough start
tehpees3  +   951d ago
As has already been said it just released and will get more games. When that happens things will pick up.
Ramon3MR  +   951d ago
Right now is the sort of dead patch of releases, hopefully things will pick up in the spring.
medziarz  +   951d ago
The Wii U is doomed.
Hard cold facts.
Spookshow  +   951d ago
You wish... lol
AJBACK2FRAG  +   951d ago
Dumb soft conjecture. Sorry. When the triple A's start to get released it's going to be a whole new ball game. F zero U in hd is gonna be gigantic. Super Smash Bros. Universe in hd is gonna be what the big kids call a system seller. Mario Kart U is gonna change people's lives. An amazing Star Fox game in hd is gonna be something special. Then in 2014 when the first hd Legend of Zelda is released well, everyone's going to want be there. I'll be there. With my Wii U. To play a generation defining game. Just think of the stuff we don't know what's coming. It's gonna be a huge E3 ( That's the Electronic Entertaiment Expo. It's a huge video game convention that is held every year in California) Nintendo's going to show everyone why their number one in the industry. Again.
Sony and Microsoft? Maybe they'll figure out why they're still stuck fighting for second place. I wonder what Retro is working on. I wonder what the master is working on. PS4? 720? Good luck. Kinda' seems like they don't quite exist yet (>'o')>?
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medziarz  +   950d ago
I'm sure Nintendo fans are going to buy it for the regular Mario/Smash/Zelda treatment, but gone is the child-toy Wii/DS factor and the system will meet N64 and GameCube's fate: Only the loyal will be buying it and then only buying Nintendo games (3rd parties drop support)
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DivineAssault  +   951d ago
COD & AC3 released almost simultaneously & still got spanked on wii u.. The wii u doesnt even have as many games to choose from & ppl still dont buy much 3rd party on it
metroidfusion2  +   951d ago
Nintendo barely has any games made by them on the system yet but of course when they release their games the sales will shoot up and no one will have anything to say as usual and this has been going on for how long lol damj gamers forget so much gaming history they are just retarded and I know nintendos 3rd party strategy get and release a lot of 3rd party so it can sell a lot then come out with a few 1st party titles and keep doing that
ZeroX9876  +   951d ago
There's one reason I can come up with.

The Wii was mainly targeting a bit more casual audience (even with the few "traditonal games" as I could say). The motion control part of the console was the selling point, it was new and fresh.

But a tablet, many houses already own a tablet of some sort (ipad, android brand, playbook, kindle, etc.). the new nintendo gadget is already available of some sort elsewhere and they weren't the first one to launch in that market.

We'll have to wait for their first party lineup for the console to shine. third party are going to be there too, the only thing that annoys me is if both Xbox and playstation are way more powerful than the wii U, we'll get the same problem as last gen, getting a game of the same name, but an inferior version of it.

I'm not saying this is 100% accurate, but I think it played a part of it.
jmc8888  +   951d ago
Not really. Nintendo casual is far more advanced than Angry Birds casual.

Plus you can't play Black Ops 2 or Assassins Creed 3 on an iPad. Nor do you have the same sets of controls, or added functionality on an ipad. They are actually quite a bit different. They really shouldn't even be considered similar. The only real thing that links them is an LCD screen in your hand, which has been done in portable gaming for almost a quarter century dating back to Gameboy and Game Gear.

Why everyone is suddenly compared to the newcomers is mostly just hype. People suddenly realize that these things that have been around for decades are here, even though they have already been here.

Don't worry the 720/PS4 won't be massively more powerful. It'll be wider than say the PS3 vs 360 debate in games, but it'll be far closer to that sort of difference then say Wii vs 360/PS3 capabilities.

A downclocked ATI 7850 is barely midrange compared to 2012 graphics cards. Seeing how 720/PS4 don't come out until at least late 2013, they'll be compared against 2013 PC cards that come out this year before the consoles. If it's 2014, then that's another GPU generation behind PC.

So the question to ask yourself is...do you think the Wii U is massively underpowered against a below midrange PC? Nope.

Below it, yes. Massively so? No.
ZeroX9876  +   950d ago
so if what you say is true, then I'm happy to know that we won't get cheaper and underpowered gaming on the wii U like Battlefield 3 was on current gen consoles. I feared that we would be stuck to 30 fps and choppy gameplay with Wii U, but with what you just said, then we'll probably get a 60 fps 1080p greatness! Hell maybe even crysis 3 to the roof!

Because I don't want another gen of 30 fps games.

I'm going to buy a wii U for sure, it's more a time of when more games comes out.

Tried onlive on tablet, it works amazingly, but not everyone got a good connection to run it smoothly. you can play incredibly high graphics game on it with a gamepad, just the selection of games is not as wide as another system. That's why I got big hope for gaikai. playing uncharted 3 on my tablet anywhere in my house. The wii U pad range isn't far enough to reach most of my rooms, tried it with a friend's wii U.
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3-4-5  +   951d ago
Too many 6.5-7.0 / 10 games

Not enough 7.5-8.5 /10 games
stuntman_mike  +   951d ago
For me February belongs to Ninokuni, but after that it's WiiU Aliens.
thezeldadoth  +   951d ago
Still enjoying Mario and i got sonic racing which is an awesome kart racer. Still don't know whether to get Aliens for WiiU or for steam. Those will definitely be the top 2 versions of the game.
jmc8888  +   951d ago
For me it came down to the motion tracker. My GTX 670 can run games beautifully on PC.

But I decided the motion tracker from the franchise was more important to me and thus preordered the Wii U version.

So if top notch visuals are what you are looking for (though it shouldn't be anything groundbreaking), then get it on Steam. If you want the motion tracker, then get it on Wii U.

Besides, at some point you'll probably be able to get it on Steam for $5 in a year or two anyways lol.
thezeldadoth  +   951d ago
yeah that was the main factor, the awesome motion tracker, or visuals the best they can be. Honestly i'll probably get it for wiiu, i'm sure the visuals won't be too far behind the pc version, while still being a step up from the ps3, 360 versions, plus having the motion tracker.
Triggytrolls  +   951d ago
I put on a good 30-40 hours in to ZombiU, I thought it was a great game, but now I've finished that and Mario, there is not a whole lot to play.

Saying that, there is not a whole lot to play on 360 either.
Ramon3MR  +   951d ago
Still putting in some time on Black Ops 2, Nano Assault (eShop), NBA 2K13 and ZombiU.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   951d ago
I think the one thing Nintendo is doing wrong is they're really aren't getting the message across to the American non gaming public. I think they should have a commercial (that isn't zany or weird!) Just a guy in a nice suit saying something to the effect of, this is the Wii U. This is the new video game console recently released by Nintendo. It's a much more powerful machine than the Wii and the new Wii U games will look fantastic on your hd television. You can play many different video games online. Then show people things like the Miiverse and explain how it works. Literally show them, This is Nintendo tv this is how it works. I think something like this approach would help consumers better understand the product.
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wiiulee  +   951d ago
of course not...the wiiu has only been out two months, what these haters did was compare how many cod units the wiiu sold compared to how many ps3 and xbox sold and said wiiu only contributed to 2 percent sales....of course because the installed base is millions less then the others for now...these haters are focus on every kind of spins and lies to hate on nintendo and the wiiu. as with every system as the install base grows so does gamesales and wii sold alot more games then the competition, wiiu will do the same next generation.

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