Is the Nintendo Wii U's Software Struggling?

GotGame: With the Wii U moving 460,000 units in December and 425,000 in November, the hardware is more or less holding up its end. Sales aren’t spectacular, there’s undeniably still stock on shelves and the resale price – always a solid indicator of market demand – hasn’t skyrocketed like it did for past console launches, but they’re decent.

The real problem is on the software side of things, and that’s where Nintendo fans – those who were undoubtedly the first to purchase the Big N’s newest machine – have dropped the ball.

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Godchild10201980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Third party games are struggling because they are Multi Platform ports that came out a while back and/or have a bigger audience on the other two platforms. Lets see how Injustice: Gods Among Us, Aliens: Colonial Marines and the other multi Platform games that are coming to the Wii U do when they come out.

metroid321980d ago

Aliens wiiu will sell better than it's counter parts because Randy Pitchford has basically sold the WiiU version to the die hard graphic hores.

richierich1980d ago

But the 360,PC and PS3 versions get released earlier

iamnsuperman1980d ago

He has been on a Wii U selling drive ever since he announced his game for it. Who knows if it actually a better version. By the way he talks about the Wii U I wouldn't be surprised if he has tried to legally marry it

landog1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

@ metroid

the pc version is always the one to go with for the graphics whores (me included)

the wii u version of aliens cm will look way better than the ps3/360 version, and i believe it will showcase the wii u a little better

but the pc version is $10 less and will look 10x better than the wii u version

deafdani1980d ago

Yeah, you're completely ignoring the fact that the userbase gap between the Wii U and the other HD consoles is a good 65-70 million. Yet you think the Wii U version will sell better?

Not realistic at all.

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flocker1980d ago

It's not only the software that is struggling though. The console itself is selling at a sluggish rate. It was almost impossible to find a 360, PS3 or Wii during the first six months of all of these in the market. I was able to find a Wii U on the launch week, and when they "ran out", another shippment of Wii U came and it was available on every store in the city I live in. Right now, I can go in to any store and buy it at will, and yet I am in no rush to buy it.

I am frankly unimpressed by the hardware, the games and the OS. Wii U can't possibly be considered "Next-gen" when it's struggling to even match PS3 and 360 on graphics, UI and functionality alone.

jmc88881980d ago

If you're unimpressed by the hardware, you will be of the 720 and PS4. If you are impressed by the PS4/720 yet not the Wii U, you know nothing about specs or hardware. Maybe you won't be impressed by any of the specs, I don't know you, but that's really the most accurate way to be.

But you don't need to be impressed by them. Wii U, 720, and PS4 will be fine systems. Lots of fun.

An ATI 7850 is peanuts compared to an upcoming ATI 8990, which is what PC users will have before the PS4/720 come out. (..and if it's late 2014 for some reason, at this point less likely, then that would be the ATI 9990). Nor is it 2x ATI 8990 since you can crossfire them.

Basically the new consoles will ship with the power of a GTX 560ti. Or a GTX 470. Or an ATI 6970. That's basically what a 7850 is more or less, especially if it's downclocked to reduce power consumption.

So if you don't consider the Wii U 'next gen', you probably shouldn't Sony and MS offerings as well. They aren't that much better.

WiigotU1979d ago

If you look at the amount of wiiu's sold in the release and the amount of ps3's and xboxes sold then you should understand nintendo is clearly making there system more accessible. What if 40,000 people wanted the system and theres none around how can you buy them. Nintendo needs to hit hard with 3 titles and have advertising to push them.

Neonridr1980d ago

We are now in the post launch lull that accompanies almost any hardware launch. There is always a push to have games ready for launch on day one, but as a result, it almost always leaves the next few months after the launch a little barren and dry.

I don't mind it so much because it actually gives me a chance to finish the games I purchased on day one before more titles come out that I want.

metroid321980d ago

It's because there was a huge selection of launch games it makes it harder to get million sellers than if u just release say 6 games ?? there was 24/28 games released on launch i think games are selling well.

EddieNX 1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I have had loads of games to play on my wiiu because I skipped buying the likes of AC3 , Blops 2 , etc on 360 so I could buy on wiiu.

And I'm glad I did because the Dual screen Multiplayer of blops 2 and off screen play of Assassins creed 3 means they are surely the definitive console versions.

Monster Hunter Ultimate , lego city , Rayman legends , NFSMW , Wonderfull 101 , Game and Wario , Pikmin 3 , Aliens colonial marines.

LOL_WUT1980d ago

Well, the console just released not too long ago not only that but Nintendo is loosing money on every console sold the software is whats making up for it. Nintendo need to release more appealing games because ports just aren't enough or drop the consoles price. ;)

deafdani1980d ago

Yeah, fair points. People just disagreed with you because you tend to troll a lot, but that post was pretty fair.

stuntman_mike1980d ago

I personally think they didn't release enough information beyond launch window. the other companies did even if the games never came out, it still drew people in. that's what Nintendo's failed to do is entice gamers with their far off treasure's. (yeah everyone assumes there's gonna be Zelda, Mario and such but Nintendo need to jazz it up a bit and put on the PR crap).

ahronith1980d ago

Wrong, Nintendo is the only company out of the 3 that sell systems at a profit...They generally average $50 per console sold profit...Do note i use to work in testing for the big N, before anyone has anything else to say.

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