Why You Are Stupid And Why AAA Games Are Boring

TSA: "The Next-Gen future may bring photorealistic, motion captured Hollywood stars to the world of video games but unless there is an innovative and exciting game after the cutscene, what is the point?"

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JoGam1828d ago

I read the title and say to myself, this got to be a opinion piece.

JoGam1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

No its a Fact. Not an opinion. It is a opinion piece.

MelonSaurus1828d ago

Do you have evidence? Otherwise I'll have to assume that is your opinion.

FrustratedFury1828d ago

This has "Top story on main page" wrote all over it.

ozzywazzy1828d ago

It also has "I won't bother reading this garbage and down voted too" written all over it.

Kennytaur1828d ago

It's not garbage, it's about how unnecessary and annoying tutorials are, and how developers think of the players as stupid and in need of a hand to hold. It's the sad part of modern gaming.

DigitalRaptor1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Just wow. This is proof that no one bothers reading the article based on headline alone.

The author is not calling you stupid. It's taking the implication that because most modern mainstream games start you off with redundant tutorials and provide you excessive with hand-holding, that it seems like developers are treating gamers like they're stupid.

The quality of TSA articles are great, and they are some of the true journalists of the industry that we can call journalists. Maybe some people missed the British sensibilities.

Anon19741828d ago

"This is proof that no one bothers reading the article based on headline alone."

And why would I read an article that starts off by insulting me? "You're an asshole. Read my valid points about game tutorials."

Well, no. I don't care if you have a valid point if you start off with an insult. Who does that? What I am going to do is give this a down-vote without reading it. But that's what you should expect when the first thing you do is insult your audience.

ziggurcat1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

i bit. was dissapoint.

also, to the author: demons/dark souls says, "hi."

Campy da Camper1828d ago

Ha beat me to it. No hand holding in those games. It took me a few hours before i figurex out how to apply resin to my sword lol

Coach_McGuirk1828d ago

you've found one exception. congrats

Heisenburger1828d ago

Somebody doesn't know how to spell congratulations..... :/

EddieNX 1828d ago

In the immortal words of Terrence and Philip - ''Hey $£%^ you buddy!!!''

MattyG1828d ago

I'm not your buddy pal!

d0nT wOrrY1828d ago

Please, please, for anyone/anything sake, just stop posting opinions shit. Why would I be interested in reading an opinion instead of news? this shit is getting out of hand.

rainslacker1828d ago

95% of gaming "news" today is opinion pieces. I know the statistic is accurate because I made it up like 99% of all statistics are.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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