Best Of GDC: Peter Molyneux's Top 10 GDC Proclamations

At last week's Game Developers Conference 2008 in San Francisco, Lionhead co-founder Peter Molyneux held a session to show off his in-production mega-opus for the Xbox 360, Fable 2.

A portion of his talk - which was on the dynamic world and growth prospects in his next-gen title - had already been revealed at an earlier Microsoft keynote.

Nevertheless, one can always rely on the charismatic Molyneux himself as a topic of interest, and so Gamasutra decided to concentrate purely on what he said.

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MK_Red3947d ago

"Big wobbly water bags". CLASSIC. Awesome find and read. Peter rules.

The Most Interesting Thing in the World...

TnS3947d ago


"Mini-maps are sh!t. They're sh!t because you make these multimillion-dollar games, and people play them staring at these little dots."